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Create your own cabin sofa

The cabin owner has made a sofa that is good to sit in and as it can also be slept in, if an additional sleeping space is needed.

Create your own cabin sofa

Create your own cabin sofa

BLADHYLLE: At the end it is made for a separate leaf shelf that is easily accessible. Photo: Kjell Einar Bie

Goals and Materials

Target (customizable space and needs):

The sofa: 200 cm wide, 70 cm depth.

The stool: 100 cm wide, 40 cm depth.


4 pcs. Laminated pine boards in 20 mm thickness, measure 240 cm x 60 cm. (It works with 18mm thickness, if easier to handle).

There will be 2 extra plates if a bottom is made in all the storage rooms.

Floor screws 3.9 x 57 mm and nail 1.7 x 40 mm dive.


Seek after goal in local hospital.

There may be many reasons for having a sofa with storage space. Perhaps the leillight or the cabin is small, maybe it should be used in a bedroom. This sofa, which was submitted as a tip to the magazine Hytteeliv, is at least a smart solution for those who are looking for something like that..

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Here’s how to do it:


Start making the shelves of books and games in front of the couch. They are screwed together as a box with end pieces and at least one space divider in the middle. If you wish to add more rooms, please add more parts.


If it is desirable to have the shelf on a small shelf, small barges of 3 cm must be clipped under the shelf. Put the shelf in place as long from the wall as you want the depth of the sofa. If it is important to use the sofa for sleeping, the depth should be increased slightly.


Put the vateret from the top of the shelf and into the wall behind the couch. Put a stretch on the wall at both ends of the couch. Move the line 20 mm (sheet thickness) down. Screw a barge on the wall below the line. Screw a barge at the same height at the back of the shelf. Cut the plate to the desired width. Cut out as many hatches as desired in the plate. Screw barges to lay the lugs on around the openings on the underside.

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Create your own cabin sofa

MULTIBENCY: With simple grips and clever sections, the cabin owner has created a multi purpose sofa bed. Photo: Per Chr. Tellefsen


Create your own cabin sofa

HELROM: In the cavity room there is room for more. Photo: Kjell Einar Bie

The backplate is cleaved and screwed into the wall and in the seat. The distance from the bottom wall determines the angle of the backrest.


The stool is made like a box where the end plates are fastened between the plates on the long sides. If you want a newspaper and magazine space, draw one end plate 25 cm from the end. The newspaper room should have a bottom 3 cm above the floor and lay on the barge.

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A plate is placed on top of the box where a hatch has been cut. The sofa and the stool must have the same height when finished.


To decorate the couch, the couch was framed down to the floor and at the leading edge of and between the shelves. The cabin owner made the lists themselves here, but there are alternative lists with wooden loaders.

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Create your own cabin sofa

BOOKS AND DINES: You can get to the rooms from both the top and the front. Quilts for overnight guests can lie in the body of the couch. In the front there are books. Photo: Kjell Einar Bie

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