Create your own bedspread

You easily create a bedspread of a picture or an old door.

Create your own bedspread

Create your own bedspread

Industrial Style

Create your own bedspread


Create your own bedspread

With the book backs against the wall

Old cabinet doors are found at retailers and at recycling stations. Or maybe you or your neighbor have a copy of the book?

Two door leaves become an original bedspread. Please keep the patina if the door is naturally worn. You can optionally paint the door leaves or illustrate with your own motive.

Three cabinet doors

Interior Architect MNIL Bernt A. Pedersen made a gable of three kitchen cabinets from Ikea. The front is 60 x 70 cm, and three doors fit perfectly into a double bed that is 180 cm wide.

Pull the front with a thin foam rubber, approx. 3 cm, and a rough textile. Attach the fabric to the back with a stapler or staple gun. .

Create your own bedspread

BUTTERFLY: Three cabinet doors from one of Ikea’s kitchen collections fit perfectly as a gable on a 180 cm wide double bed. Here the owner has put a picture over the cabinets. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Illustrated gavl

Do you want to make an easy-to-replace gable, laminate old LP covers or stomach insides that you’re hanging at the head end.

If you attach the illustrations to a disc, you get a fixed gable. However, if you hang the laminated sides right on the wall, they are easier to change according to the mood and trend.

Quaint expression

At Photowall. no, we found many great photo galleries and other cool wallpaper designs.

Why not attach a photo motif straight to the gable? Or wallpapers on a particleboard. The result is a very personal bedside.

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Create your own bedspread

DOOR SHEET: The bedside table in this bedroom is made of two old door leaves. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Create your own bedspread

APPEARANCE: Motivationalist Margrethe Gilboe easily changes the collision with the color-rich magazine pages when she needs change. Photo: Espen Grønli

Create your own bedspread

FLOOR DREAM: This bedside table is made of a particleboard plasterboard. The furniture nails are nailed to the front. Stylist is June Hjarholm. Photo: Margeret M. the long

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