Dream house

Create the dream garden – in the living room

Decorate the house with living still life of small plants.

Create the dream garden - in the living room

While waiting for the garden to turn green, you can create beautiful mini-gardens under glass. If you do not have green fingers, you can choose a plant that almost manages itself. Small succulents can live for a long time under fine dress bells.

They hardly need water, so it does not matter if you forget that your still life actually lives.

Succulents are found in a multitude of variations, big and small, in a sea of ​​colors – from green to red shades.

Although succulents absorb some water, they must still have a little. If you use other miniplants, they may have a good deal. Use a pipette to water with, and it will be less spilled.

Create the dream garden - in the living room

TO LEFT: Small succulents are placed under it’s bells from It’s about Romi. Here they stand in pots that make them easy to water. The butterfly loss is from Husflid. TO RIGHT: Orchids almost do not have soil, and therefore can stay well in a small conch. Photo: Christian Pettersen

Desert Plant for Decoration

Create the dream garden - in the living room

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Cacti is another plant suitable for this type of decoration. Use your glasses, vases, big bowls or small carafels. First make a good bottom with a little drainage (pebble or peat) and some sand on top. You can use stone and sand for aquariums.

When handling cacti we recommend garden gloves! Some larger stones look right in a cactus world, but also some fine plastic animals. Cactus, like suckling, is good at holding the water so it does not need watering so often.

For the same reason, they need good drainage. Water well in the summer, a little in autumn and nothing in winter, so they can bloom too. The cactus must stand sunny, and preferably south-facing.

Air and Love

Create the dream garden - in the living room

SAFARI IN STUA: Why not make your own minijungel? Cacti are good for holding on the water and therefore do not need to be watered so often. The animal figures are from Dora, while the glass dishes are from Ikea. Styling: Nicoline Olssen. Photo: Christian Pettersen

Some plants almost do not need soil, including the orchids. Such plants, epiphytes, extract nutrition from rainfall, dew and general humidity. An orchid therefore only needs good showering and a bright, warm place to be, never in direct sunlight.. In this way, a small conch is an equally good place for an orchid to live, like anything else.

Create the dream garden - in the living room

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Also, onion plants can live and grow under glass. The onions have their own packed lunch, so they only need light and heat to grow. Put them in a booth and follow the transformation from onion to flower.

If you can not find a booth, you can also use an old aquarium.

When placing plants inside a glass mount, this is called a vivarium. A vivarium is an area, often closed, where you keep animals or plants for observation. Often it is used to simulate a smaller scale ecosystem. A vivarium can be small enough to stand on a table or it can be big like a house, it may be inside or out. There are different types:

  • Aquarium simulates habitats in water.
  • Paludarium simulates rainforest or swamp.
  • Riparium simulates a river.
  • Terrarium simulates a dry habitat, such as desert or savannah.

All vivaries can have plants and animals, but they can also only have plants.

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Create the dream garden - in the living room

LIVING JOBS: The figures are vintage finds from It’s about Romi. The soups are from Hay. The butterflies from Panduro Hobby, and the insects from Okholm. Styling: Nicoline Olssen. Photo: Christian Pettersen

Create the dream garden - in the living room

GREEN ON THE WRITEBOARD: Have a simple miniplant in a small clock, such as a succulent. Clock and rabbit vase from Designer Zoo, the memory pieces from Designdelikatessen. Styling: Nicoline Olssen. Photo: Christian Pettersen


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