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Create art of your photos

Do not hide your pictures in the drawer, hang them on the wall.

Create art of your photos

Are you one of those who saves your photos in bunks in the desktop tray? Pictures of the family, travel and holidays, experiences you will not forget just lie there and collect dust. Now it’s time to get them back in the light! Why not get them on the wall?

Create small or large creations of them, it may be as good as any piece of art. If you make a collage of your own pictures, you are absolutely sure that you get a unique and personal decoration that does not hang out in any other living room.

For example, you can turn wedding pictures into a beautiful, heart-shaped collage that can decorate the living room or kitchen.

A little more playable variation can be to use cool frames of different kinds and collect them on a part of the living room wall. Vips, you have your own little artwork!

A symmetrical variant for those who like clean lines can be found on the blog Hubpages. Here are many small frames easily and simply put together into one big image.

Create art of your photos

FOR THE DRAWING: These pictures are made for a sweet heart collage after a birthday party. An idea to copy? You can find it at www.jurick.net. Photo: Michael Jurick

Create art of your photos

PERSONAL: Cool frames make the trick! See the blog Crap I’ve made for more inspiration. Photo: Private

Create art of your photos

SYMMETRIC: If you love straight lines, this can be something to copy. See hubpages.com for more ideas. Photo: Lily Rose

Create art of your photos

EASY: Add some cool effects and print the big-sized images, such as Tara Whitney on the blog Just be blogged. Photo: Tara Whitney

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