Crawl into this snail

The star architect was inspired by a snail. Now the giant nest houses art.

Crawl into this snail

Crawl into this snail

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Crawl into this snail

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Crawl into this snail

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Crawl into this snail

Price difference: 44.9 million

Star architect Zaha Hadid has created a snail-like extension to Ordrupgaard Art Museum just north of Copenhagen.

– There are many opinions about the appearance of the building. But it is not amazing that you can only describe the hovering shape of the extension and that people immediately understand what gallery and what architectural expressions you are talking about, asking the press representative of the museum, Line Marie Lærkholm-Bengtsen.

Crawl into this snail

GLASS AND BETONG: The lines and interactions between the materials give a hovering shape. Photo: Roland Halbe

You do not fully believe your eyes when approaching the Ordrupgaard Art Museum just north of Copenhagen.

Crawl into this snail

LIKE LINES: The building has a liquid form in concrete. Photo: Roland Halbe


Slowly crawls something that looks like a giant black snail against you from a glow in the woods.

This incredibly lively form simply represents no exception from the architect, British Zaha Hadid’s hand.

In the past, she has signed upward-looking projects such as the ski slope in Bergisel (2002) and the BMW Center in Leipzig (2005).

– This building gives Denmark a work in international format, and this is the only Zaha Hadid project in Scandinavia. It was opened in 2005 and is 1150 sqm. It is the size of the main house in the facility, a mansion from 1916, the Danish architect critic criticizes Flemming Skude to click. no.

He denotes the unusual concrete contraction as formally inspiring and technically innovative and believes it will help to develop the Scandinavian building art.

Crawl into this snail

STAR DESIGN: Star Architect Zaha Hadid has designed an extension to the Erweiterung Ordrupgaard Museum just north of Copenhagen. Photo: Roland Halbe

Zaha Hadid effect

– With the new Zaha Hadid extension, we have had the opportunity to exhibit international exhibitions and our own significant collections in an exciting frame, “says Press and Information Officer Line Marie Lærkholm-Bengtsen in Ordrupgaard..

Crawl into this snail

LEKKERT: Soon these exciting premises will feature the big exhibition “Meeting with Japan”. Photo: Roland Halbe

Among other things, Hadid’s building was excellent for an exhibition we had that showed Edvard Munch’s relationship with Danish art.

Crawl into this snail

STAR MARKET: Zaha Hadid. Photo: Roland Halbe

– In the autumn there will be a large, Japanese / French exhibition meeting with Japan. It opens 11. September and will work well in collaboration with our own, significant collections of French impresionist art by Degas, Monet and Gaugin in addition to our Danish master painters, says Lærkholm-Bengtsen.


– The project has become an icon, and people come from all avenues of heaven. Many come from the other side of the globe just to look at the architecture. Yes, in Ordrupgaard Museum we have definitely noticed the Zaha Hadid effect. The project makes us unique in the Nordic countries.

Easy to access

Zaha Hadid

The British architect Zaha Hadid (1950) was born in Baghdad and is world renowned for his impressive, normative architectural design language. She is the first woman to be honored with the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel Prize of Architecture (2004), and she is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking living architects. See more at

If you are going to Copenhagen and would like to visit the gallery, it’s easy to get there by bike.

Crawl into this snail

RENEWING: The building is formally inspiring and technically innovative, says the Danish art critic Flemming Skude. Photo: Roland Halbe

You cycle through Copenhagen city center and further through what is popularly called the whiskey belt to the Ordupgaard Museum.

The museum is located in a large park just off Jægersborg Dyrehave. But you can also take the train from Central Station to the Zaha Hadid Museum. Further on the same train line lies the Karen Blixen House and Lousiana. See cultural heritage. dk

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