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Cover for summer party

It’s time for a party! Show your personality by mixing different qualities and models of cups and tubs, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Be inspired to choose different theme for the party – floral or maritime touches, the choice is yours!

Flower field

Summer bed stands in bloom with yellow, purple and pink flowers in all the greenery. Be inspired by the delicate colors and thick juicy stems, silky-green petals, prickly nymphs and blue clocks. Mixing coarse ceramics with fragile porcelain creates exciting contrasts. Try yourself and you’ll see how nice it will be.

Maritime Pleasure

Old Norway glass and marmalade glass are superb as flower vases. Fill them with just your summer favorites. Putting a little sand in the bottom, the glasses are moody lights. Kitchen towels can be used as napkins. They are big and good and perfect for shellfish dinner! It’s fun to go treasure hunt for fine shells and they can be used for so many; table decor, finger salt, table card or as the bread plate as we have done here.

Forest and mountain

Cover for summer party

THE BEAUTY IN A BLUE MUG: A mix of style and pattern is exciting. “Milk” kr 490, medium sized mug, kr 290, both Chicas and friends. Large mug of flowers kr 179 and bowl Burleigh, from the second floor. Photo: Anne Manglerud

Coarse ceramics have structure and motion in the materials reminiscent of nature. Brown, moss green, tree shapes, structures and animal motifs – find out the rugged and earthy, inspired by the woods and the woods.

Cover for summer party

THREE TO STILL: Plate kr 145, krus kr 100, drama glass kr 50 and knife kr 37, Blindes Products. Photo: Anne Manglerud


Bellas House, tel. 22 60 36 33

Blindes Products, tel. 23 21 55 50

Chicas and friends, tel. 22 60 66 06

Christiania Glasmagasin, tel. 22 90 89 00

Conran / Wedgwood, tel. 22 46 57 98

Maria’s Pantry, tel. 67 80 14 00

Master Green, tel. 800 80 111

Palma, tel. 67 41 01 26

Plant Expo, tel. 24 11 41 90

Rafens, tel. 67 59 19 80

Snekkerstua, tel. 67 13 84 84

The tractor, tel. 22 52 00 10

The work Interior, tel. 67 17 15 50

Växbo Lin, tel. 22 41 06 42

Wallflower of Scandinavia, tel. 906 70 289

Fresh flowers borrowed by Master Green.

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