Could you sleep here?

In these sleeping capsules they have squeezed into an entire hotel room of just four square.

Could you sleep here?

Everyone who has been traveling knows that it can be a challenge to find a place to calm down and relax when you are away from home. At both airports and train stations at home and abroad, there are now countless opportunities to buy both dinner, drinks and internet access, but when it comes to rest, possibilities are far more limited.

However, according to the design site Treehugger, the Russian architect firm Arch Group has done something about it, and will make sleep and rest in public places both more accessible, more private and more hygienic.

Sleep Capsules

Archgroups at Arch Group initially developed their modular mini-hotel rooms to give travelers the opportunity to take a haze or a few hours on the eye in urban public environments such as train stations, airports or other busy places.

The goal when we developed the Sleepbox modules was to create a fully functional mini hotel room that would not measure more than 4 m2 in total, explains Archbishop Mikhail Krymov explains to the design and architecture website Dezeen.

– These modules should provide a clean, safe and comfortable place to sleep for travelers and other busy and tired people in different urban settlements.

Could you sleep here?

PLACE TO MANY: When each hotel room only takes up 4m2, it says selling yourself to accommodate many “rooms”. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

Could you sleep here?

BIG NOK: It’s amazing how much space you can get at 4m2. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

The architects explain that just because the modules are mobile, they can naturally be moved around and installed almost anywhere and in any environment.

Could you sleep here?

You are guaranteed a hot night

– All that requires is a power connection, explains Krymov.

– When present, Sleepbox will be able to set up where you find a need for such service and service.

Designed for good sleep

The architects explain that the main idea behind Sleepbox was that urban infrastructure could be made more comfortable.

– The most important feature Sleepbox has, is the opportunity to give someone a quiet time on the eye, explains Krymov.

– This smart box provides a fast and efficient “refuge” opportunity if you are tired and need rest – without having to look for a hotel room.

The architect explains that the concept of sleepers is designed to be used for both private and public areas.

Could you sleep here?

BO SMART: Cabinets where travelers can find rest is the future, these architects believe. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

Could you sleep here?

CHECK IN: The smart sleeping caps can be placed almost anywhere. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

Could you sleep here?

TREVER: The cabinets are decorated in wood, as architects claim is natural and calming. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

– We saw that the capsules could both be rented against a fee to random users but also used by private users, such as inside larger companies or companies that could think of a place where employees should be able to calm down and sleep a little when needed.

Here it was not really possible to build houses

Set the capsule the same to unique hotel

Although the prototype of the unique sleeping rooms was first launched a few years ago, it was only late last year that the world’s first first hotel of this kind was clear in Moscow.

– What made us think of putting these capsules together into something that would actually work as a comprehensive hotel, was the opportunity the design itself gave us, explains Krymov.

– In fact, the only thing that depends on location is that the capsule must be able to connect to the power grid.

And in 2011, the architects found the building they had been looking for to create the world’s first sleeping capsule hotel.

An old building in central Moscow was the perfect place to try out the Sleepbox Hotel concept, explains the architect.

Could you sleep here?

IF YOU NEED ANY: These mini-rooms will make it easier to get some well-groomed hours on your eye when traveling. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

– So here was the mission to transform an old and dilapidated farmhouse into a modern and unique mini-hotel.

Could you sleep here?

Sexy luxury feel in the bedroom

Between hotels and hostel

The unique hotel, which was completed last year, is called by the architects themselves to be an intermediate between hotel and hostel or hostel.

– Here you have your own room, just like in a hotel, explains Krymov.

– But the price suggests that this concept differs from traditional hotels in many ways, especially when it comes to price.

The architect explains that traditional hotels have high comfort featured at high prices, while at Sleepbox Hotel, they wanted to base the hotel on the principle of host prices to keep prices down.

– While the hotel offers a superb quality when it comes to service.

The four-story high-rise building in central Moscow has sleeping capsules designed for two people on the second and third floors, while the top floor is dedicated to single capsules where lonely travelers can check in.

Could you sleep here?

SOVEPLASS: These sleeping capsules will give you the opportunity to sleep safe, clean and comfortable for a cheap money. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

Could you sleep here?

SMALL AND GOOD: It’s not the aller you can sleep at 4m2, but do you really need more than a bed when you’re tired? Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

Could you sleep here?

UNIQUE HOTEL: Traveling and need a quick place to sleep? What about a sleeping capsule? Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

On the first floor is the reception where you find an information zone where hotel guests can use iPADs as well as storage cabinets for personal belongings that simply do not fit into the small hotel rooms.

Could you sleep here?

Here you can get the whiskey intravenously

The rooms are, in addition to beds, equipped with reading lights with LED lights, plus plug sockets so that guests can charge both cell phones and computers, explains Krymov.

Futuristic Design

Toilet and shower rooms are located on each floor and can be used free of hotel guests.

– These are equipped with green lights outside the door, explains the architect.

– In this way, the guests quickly see which rooms and toilets are available and which one has to wait for.

Could you sleep here?

CAN BE LOCATED OVERALL: Railway stations, airports, shopping malls or large office buildings; Now you can sleep asleep everywhere. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

Could you sleep here?

MINIMUM WITH PLACE: It does not require much space if you want to set up one of these mini-rooms. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

The architect explains that in order to emphasize the modern concept of the capsules and the hotel, they have used you both shapes, lights and shapes with a rather futuristic feel.

– For example, the range of toilets looks like separate capsules, in line and row, explains Krymov.

– And we certainly mean that an overnight stay at this hotel, or in such a capsule in general, will provide a brand new and different hotel experience. Which both offer low prices and fantastic location.

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Could you sleep here?

RESEARCH: Here you can pay for the use of iPad and internet access. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group

Could you sleep here?

SOVEBOKS: The Sleepbox Hotel in Moscow consists of a number of identical sleeping caps. Photo: © sleepbox / Arch Group


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