Could you imagine staying here?

You are just a small flight away.

Could you imagine staying here?

Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel

Address: Nesjasvillir at Thingvallvatn, 801 Selfoss, Iceland.

The hotel is located approximately. one hour drive from Reykjavik, and approx. An hour and a block by car from Keflavik airport, in other words, car hire is a virtue of necessity.

Website: ioniceland. see

Price: Double room from kr 2000.

Island is known for its vibrant nightlife with trendy bars and fancy restaurants.

However, in the island’s newest design hotel there are other things that draw.

Is it possible to create a building that glides imperceptibly into a unique nature and looks like it’s natural at home there?

The architects who are behind Iceland’s latest design hotel, Ion, have at least done their best.

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Integrated in the landscape

Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir and Tryggvi Thorsteinsson are, as the names suggest, Icelandic, but their minarc company Minarc is based in Santa Monica, California.

They have become known for a holistic and sustainable approach in their architecture, and in the work of Ion, they have not only created a building that is well integrated in the landscape – the hotel is as dramatic as its surroundings.

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Could you imagine staying here?

VIEW: Large floor-to-ceiling windows release nature and make you close to the Tuscan Icelandic landscape. NATURAL ELEMENTS: The bathroom’s interior also reflects the rough elements of nature. Here are lava-colored floors and stone on the walls. Photo: Design Hotels

Unobstructed Views

From the old part, the new has grown on strong piles.

Could you imagine staying here?

ONLY FOREIGN: The lights in the public areas are one of the few things actually not made in Iceland. Graypants are formed from recycled cardboard and come from Canada. Photo: Design Hotels

Large floor-to-ceiling windows reduce the need for artificial light while the natural hot springs in the area provide energy-efficient heating and hot water.

The many windows also provide unobstructed views to the northern lights when it seems to be good to reveal themselves in the sky.

The hotel is located just south of the Thingvellir National Park, located on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and where the Icelanders held their first county in 930.

The gap between the tectonic plates of Eurasia and North America to which the mid-Atlantic back is attached is particularly visible here, especially if you snorkel or dive in the Silfra crack.

The 46 guest rooms are inspired by Iceland’s natural materials, using recycled wood and rubber, concrete, lava and leather. Large photographs of Icelandic nature and wildlife work almost like wallpaper.

The impression is industrial, but at the same time terrestrial.

Could you imagine staying here?

MATERIAL CONTRAST: Rough concrete, organic wood and large black and white images of Icelandic nature and wildlife are left in the hotel’s interior. Also the music played in the hotel is Icelandic. Photo: Design Hotels

Protect Nature & History

Icelandic products go like a red thread through the hotel. The Silfra restaurant serves simple, clean and seasonal food, with emphasis on local ingredients, preferably fish from Thingvallavatn or lamb from one of the local farms.

And where no suitable Icelandic products have been found, fair trade certified products have been selected.

However, the hotel is not perceived to be excessively politically correct, because it is almost natural for Icelanders to take good care of both nature and history.. It infects the guests.

Could you imagine staying here?

OUTDOORS: And of course, the hotel has its own outdoor pool with heated spring water. The perfect place to relax after an active day. Photo: Design Hotels

Travel Tips to Iceland

Last summer, Mette Solberg Fjeldheim, writer, travel blogger and driver of the travel website and blog www. travel, on a trip to Iceland. She recommends it warmly, and gladly shares her best travel tips with Click House’s readers.

– If you are going to Iceland, you will no doubt be close to the natural forces. Here are some tips for great nature experiences on the island:

– Staying close to Thingvellir, you are not only very close to the National Park and the Unesco destination of the same name, but also perfectly located in relation to the rest of the famous Circle, The Golden Circle. This route takes you around in beautiful scenery, and only the drive is worth taking with you.

– In addition to seeing the fracture of the mid-Atlantic back in Thingvellir, which is expanded by a few centimeters each year, you should see the impressive Geysir Strokkur that springs with boiling water every ten minutes. And you should definitely bring the big, impressive waterfall Gullfoss.

Could you imagine staying here?

WORTH A VISIT: Everything was founded in the Thingvellir National Park, and is the scene of a number of historical events. Photo: Mette Solberg Fjeldheim

– The obligatory visit to the Blue Lagoon allows you to get on the road to or from the airport.

– Even if you go for a hotel or nature experience, you will not miss an evening or two in Reykjavik. Here I would recommend a better meal at the Dill Restaurant, a tour of the lively and trendy bar at Kex and possibly a casual lunch at the K-Bar.

General travel tips to Iceland

– Pack clothes that can withstand weather.

– If you plan to go on a self-timer, it is recommended to rent a four-wheel drive. However, the mentioned itinerary can be taken by regular car.

– There are several companies offering activities in Iceland, such as horse riding, car trips across the island and other guided tours if you prefer organized travel experiences.

Could you imagine staying here?

GEYSIR: Geysiren Strokkur builds itself to full blowout at only minutes. Photo: Mette Solberg Fjeldheim


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