Could have found the solution on heksesot

A chemical compound in the paint may turn out to be the cause of witch disease, but Jotun is unsafe.

Could have found the solution on heksesot

Could have found the solution on heksesot

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Could have found the solution on heksesot

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Could have found the solution on heksesot

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Many homeowners have experienced the problem that the white, newly refurbished walls eventually get a dirt-gray color. Heksesot is called the phenomenon, or the irritation, if you want.

Now the cause of the problem can be found. It is Mycoteam and the Norwegian Institute for Aeronautics Research (NILU), which has found that there is an organic connection called TMPD-MIB in the language of the subject, which is the reason.

– We believe that in this chemical connection, we have found the reason why heksesot occurs, says Mycoteam, Kolbjørn Mohn Jenssen, General Manager at

At Jotun, however, they are not sure if the answer is found, and think the reason is more complex and that more research is needed.

Important ingredient in paint

The challenge with this connection is that it is an important component of the paint. They bind the surface to make it slippery.

– It’s when this connection evaporates that it binds particles into the air and then again attaches to the wall.

Prolonged witch disease

The problem with heksesot is that it appears over a long period of time.

– Although it has evaporated once and attached to the wall, the chemical compound can steam off several times and contribute to new deposits on the wall. Heksesot can therefore occur over one to as much as five years, explains Mohn Jenssen.

No immediate solution


For more information, see heksesot at

However, even if it is believed that the cause of the hexadecine has been found, it does not mean that the solution is close.

Since the organic compound is an important part of the paint, it means that you will not immediately see paint products where this connection has been removed, Mohn Jenssen expands.

Ventilation still important

Mohn Jenssen now believes that it is the authorities and paint producers who need to take the research results further and assess whether there is a need to change products and ventilation requirements.

Therefore, good ventilation is still the most important measure to reduce the risk of witch disease because we do not see the same problem in business buildings where ventilation is much better, Mohn Jenssen expands.

Not sure if the answer is found

At Jotun, they are uncertain whether the report has really revealed the cause of heksesot.

So far, it does not seem as if the report reveals something new, and there is little evidence that they have actually come closer to being able to determine the causal connection to heksesot, as claimed. But we must be allowed to go into the report more thoroughly before concluding, “says Jotun Communications Director, Fredrik Tangeraas, to

Our perception is that the explanation is more complex than that and that there is a need for more and scientific research in this field.

– Important to work further

Managing Director of Maling and Lakkindustriens Forbund, Cecilie R-F Skarning says that the association will send the report to its members because it is where the professional competence sits.

– And when we get backplay from them will sum up a conclusion, she says to

– This is an area we have been occupied for many years, and we think it is important to continue working.

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