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cottages for 360 kroner a day

By the end of next week, the winter holiday begins too many. Still, there are cottages to rent.

cottages for 360 kroner a day

In Oslo, Trondheim and Stavanger, the winter holiday starts at the end of next week.

For many, it means packing the car and heading for the mountain.

It is neither necessary to buy a cottage or apartment to access snowy mountains. The rental market is big and it’s not too late to search.

It is still possible to find both cottages and apartments, but it depends on the location you are looking for, says press contact in Oppdal Booking, Tore Meirik, to

In Skirvedalen you will rent huts for NOK 2500 per week during the winter holiday, a daily price of 360 kroner. Otherwise, these are rented for 2000 kroner per week.

– You may need to look a little more to find what you are looking for, and location and default affect the price. In addition, prices are scaled up during school holidays, says sales director at, Johan Fredrik Høvås, to

cottages for 360 kroner a day



It is first and foremost in the larger ski resorts, such as Trysil, Hemsedal and Geilo, one can find apartment complexes.

– We have some apartments left, but it starts to thin, says Knut Erik Berg to He is the general manager of Trysil Resort, which has a total of about 300 apartments.

The cheapest apartment they have available costs $ 15,000 for a week.

For those who want to search west, the Beitostølen Resort has a apartment for four people at NOK 1210 a day.

– We still have cottages and apartments available, says booking manager Ragnhild Bakken in Beitostølen Resort to


There are around 400,000 cottages in Norway, and about half of them are located in the mountainous areas. However, many of these are available, for example, during the winter holidays.

– We rent private homes. Whether the owners use them themselves or they rent their cottages, “says Lotta Andersson in Bookinservice at Beitiostølen, who can tell that the market has been a bit rainy this year and that there are still a lot of cottages available.

Your most affordable cottage can be rented for just under $ 5,000 in one of the winter holidays.

At Hovden Hytteformidling, the most affordable cottage is rented for just over NOK 10,000.

Tourist Association and Statskog

For those who do not want to spend half of the February salary on renting a cottage or apartment, there are other and less expensive alternatives.

Tourist Association and Statskog has a total of close to 500 cottages available, with varying degrees of standard.

The tourist association has three degrees of comfort: They serve food service, the self-catering where the food is available but must be made (and paid for) and the unattended where the food must be brought.

Prices range from $ 180 a day to unaccompanied and self-employed to $ 225 for the host.

At Statskog, you pay 400 kroner a day and the food must be brought.

Camping cottage and caravan

cottages for 360 kroner a day


It is not necessary to travel far into the depths or into the deep forest to find a reasonable lodging in the winter vacation. Caravans and cottages are also available for rent, and these are usually found in connection with the ski resorts.

According to you can rent a caravan at Beitostølen for $ 250 a day.

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