Cottage life

cottages are not saved

“You can not expect the fire service to arrive in time.

cottages are not saved

Checklist for cottage owners

  1. Is smoke detector installed?
  2. Does the smoke detector work?
  3. Is house fire hose and / or fire extinguisher accessible?
  4. Is the self-checking on fire extinguisher regularly carried out?
  5. Is there enough space for escape?
  6. Does the pipe sweep regularly?
  7. Is candle light only supervised?
  8. Turn off all electrical appliances at night and when the cottage is not in use?
  9. Are fuses, connectors and wires without visible damage?
  10. Are portable electric ovens only under supervision?

Source: DSB

Safe cottage cheese

Norwegian Fire Protection Association Information Brochure.

It says department manager at DSB, Hans Kristian Madsen.

– In most cases, time will not be on the owners of the cottage, and it’s not because the fire department will not come but because they do not reach due to accessibility and distance.

He emphasizes that, therefore, the greater reason is to keep everything in order for warning and extinguishing equipment.

In addition, one should think through what you do in case of fire, and otherwise act with caution so as not to contribute to fire extensions.

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Dagfinn Kalheim, Director of the Fire Protection Association, says that Statistics from the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) show that the number of fires in the last three years has risen from 119 to almost 140 in 2008.

And over the last four years, 12 people died in cottage fires.

In 2007 there were 30,000 Norwegian cottages that did not have smoke detectors, according to the Fire Protection Association.

– All cottages must have at least one working smoke detector, as well as a fire extinguisher or a house fire hose. There are the same statutory requirements that apply to cottages as in normal homes, “says senior engineer Lars Haugrud in DSB.

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Fire Causes

According to DSB statistics, there is open fire and electricity which are the biggest fire causes in the cottage, and where open fire causes 40 percent of the fire.

– What we see is that we are better off enjoying ourselves in the cottage, which means more candles and open fire, “says Kalheim in the Fire Brigade Association.

– Since the cottage is a sanctuary, it may well be that we also lower the shoulders cleanly fire safety. And many may not be used to using the fireplace and the oven as a source of heating in the same way as you do in the cottage. Among other things, there are many who put in a lot of wood and reduce the draw just before they lay down. But it only results in incomplete combustion and risk of pipeline, he says.

Kalheim states that emptying of ash in garbage dumps, which is then placed outside, to the hollow wall, is also a fire cause.

– And many use flammable liquids like red sprouts to fire up. That’s Fy! Fy!

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cottages are not saved

IMPORTANT: You must have at least one of the cottage in the cottage. Photo: Morten Rakke Photography

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