Cottage life

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill

Quiet market gives less pressure on bidding rounds. Here are some cottages you should check.

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill

Half cottage hangs in loose air

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill

This cottage never needs to beiss

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill

This cottage is in one with the terrain

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill

Raw Architecture in Maintenance-Free Materials

Are you planning to buy a cottage in the mountains for the winter? At Finn. There are almost four hundred mountain cottages out for sale, Zett. no has over 60 holiday homes for sale.

We have picked up some of these scarce 450 cottages that are for sale and we have concentrated on objects up to a million. A price we think will be affordable for most cottage buyers.

Funny Market

According to the director of the Norwegian Real Estate Association Finn Tveter, it is fun in the cab market today.

– For those who are looking for a cottage for winter, it may mean that there are fewer people on display and therefore less pressure in the bidding round.

In general, Tveter does not perceive that there will be any sharp increase in prices in the future.

Nostalgia on the tomb

At Søndre Fjellstølen in Valdres, Privatmegeren has for sale a cottage with a hand-made annex. It is described as sunny and in an undisturbed location.

Price estimate is $ 850,000. For that price, you get a cottage on a sloping plot of “very good sun conditions”, as stated in the advertisement.

According to the broker, there is a nostalgic pump on which the water is collected in summer.

According to the prospectus, there is, among other things, installed a newer electrical system with surge protector and ground fault switch.

– This is a cottage that is maintained evenly. It is built according to the price tag of the time for the location of the foundation wall, which means it is located on the ground. It again means that there are sentences, but according to the owner, these have been stable for 20 years. So buyer does not have to worry about the need for immediate maintenance, says Olav Qvale real estate agent.. no.

In the middle of Peer Gynt’s kingdom

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill


For those who just want to be on the mountain with no maintenance obligations, but just to go skiing or downhill skiing, DnB NOR Property for sale an apartment on Gala.

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill

FLOOR HOUSING: With an apartment, you avoid most of your maintenance responsibilities. Photo: Screenshot:

The award is NOK 1 300 000 for barely 100 square meters.

Cheap, do you think? Well, so far, but the “hook” is that it is sold with a lease clause. This means that you have access to the apartment five weeks a year (autumn, winter, easter and 2 x summer), while the rest of the year is rented through Gålå booking.

This is by no means the holiday homes we sell the most, but here you get access to a beautiful ski resort and a trail network where you can almost go as far as you want, says real estate agent Vidar Noet, to click. no.

Untouched and sunny on the head

A half-hour drive away from Hovden ski center, ABCenter Property for sale has a cottage of 1.1 million.

cottage cupper under 1.5 mill

VESTLAND cottage. Photo: Screenshot:

The cottage was built in 2001 and complies with the standard of the prospect.

Heating is with electricity and wood and water is added to the wall with water tank and water heater inside, so that you get tap water in the bathroom and kitchen.

The cottage is on a party ground, with an annual fee of 800 kroner. This is regulated every tenth year and the party is 80 years.

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