Easy to use and good to transport, but the building quality does not convince completely.


In short:

+ Good to transport

Not entirely compelling building quality.

“A case with completely ok user-friendliness. Somewhat low-level rear. Initially plus additional handrails for lateral extension of the plant, but the location of these makes them virtually useless. When transported, the case is easy to handle with a handy handle The case comes with laser but without light. The laser switch is poorly positioned while the depth gauge works fine. The case was out of range at delivery, which draws down. It is a mess and building quality is generally poor.

The case gives a fair cut, but flies something on the listwork. The engine seems weak

Power: 1800 W

Capacity: 65x210mm

Lead diameter: 210 mm


The manufacturer’s information about the saga can be found here.


Producer Cotech Price 1298


Easy to use and good to handle, but we are drawing a lot of building quality and technical details.

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