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Control away from cheap equipment when painting

Here are the most important mistakes to avoid when painting and brushing up.

Control away from cheap equipment when painting

Norwegians spend a lot of money kissing their home. However, that means we are not infallible in the actual refurbishment process.

Not especially when we take the painting equipment in our own hands.

Bonytt. No has been in contact with Bjørg Øwren, Director of the Information Office for Color and Interior (Ifi), and painter Bjørn Knutsen to hear what appears to be the most common fellows Norwegians go in as they paint their homes.

Here’s the loss list you should avoid if you intend to do the job yourself.

Tab 1: Cheap brushes

There are big price differences on paintbrushes, but you should not be tempted to save on the equipment.

– The brushes are more important than the paint. Cheap brushes release bust that stays in the film. Then the results will not get well, says Knutsen.

– The expensive brushes take up more paint than the cheap ones, so you do not have to dip so often. Besides, they leave the paint nicer, “adds Bjørg Owren from Ifi.

Do you dare to clean the brushes when done, you can use them the next time you paint.

Control away from cheap equipment when painting

CHOOSE CORRECT EQUIPMENT: The quality of the equipment is crucial for a good result, and price and quality are interrelated, according to experts. Photo: Ifi

Tab 2: Swallows with the cover

Many are unclean with the covering of the floor, probably driven by the idea that you can only dry again if you were to spill. And you do mud. The question is then if you notice when the paint splits between the newspapers or through the paper.

– I recommend buying paint felt. It’s a blanket mat with a plastic layer below which prevents the paint from penetrating when you spill. It’s steady and good and you can roll it together when you’re done and use it again next time, Owren states.

Tab 3: Cheap masking tape

Control away from cheap equipment when painting

The floor should be covered: slurry protecting the floor leads to more work and naughty finish. Photo: Thinkstockphoto / Adrian Brockwell

Buying the cheapest, yellowish tap to mask when painting, are you in good company. But did you know that there are also great quality differences?

Control away from cheap equipment when painting

MASKING STEPS ARE IN VARIOUS QUALITIES: Be sure to select the correct tape for the correct surface. Photo: Ifi

– The cheapest variant is hard to tear off nicely, and the paint often hangs when you try to remove the tape. There are several types of specialty tapes for different types of substrates. Tell the seller what kind of substrate you have and choose the correct tape. Here too is the connection between price and quality, “says Owren.

Of course, of course, using the masking tape correctly.

Tab 4: Trim over

The surface of the home will be dirty over time. The sight of nasty, shielded walls can wake up the refurbisher, but you should wait to turn the meal cost..

– It’s important to wash first. If not, it will be foolish and laugh in the paint. It takes some time, but that time you win again because the result stays pretty longer, says Owren.

Tab 5: For thin layers

– The biggest loss people make is to paint too thin. It just means that you have to paint more coats to make it nice, says painter Bjørn Knutsen.

Control away from cheap equipment when painting

WASHING FIRST: Dirty walls should be washed before painting. Photo: Ifi

There’s no saving in squeezing into the amount of paint if you want the finish to be alright.

Tab 6: Templates over bumps and notches

– If you have picked up threads or bumps in the film, you must grind before staining. If you go to bed with the foundation, it will not be fine when you’re done. When staining it, it should be as thin as possible so it does not seem. The best thing is to be observant, that is, the paint flows down, and remove hair and laugh immediately, “says Bjørg Owren..

Tab 7: Too little kickel

– A typical mistake I notice is where the nail has been visited. Then you have just fired once. You must sparkle twice to make it nice. If you want to avoid edges and spikes in the spark, it is also important to grind properly between each time, says painter Knutsen.

The application of the sparkle itself is usually quick. But the drying process should take several hours. Malermester recommends that you do not tempt to drop this joint – if you want a perfect result.

Tab 8: Shrinks the heat so the paint dries faster

– You should allow time between each stroke. Paint should dry slowly. High humidity is best. The ironing requires time to flow out and shepherd, says Knutsen.

The Council applies whether you choose oil-based or water-based paint: If you want to achieve the washability and wearability that the manufacturer promises, allow it to dry for as long as indicated on the box.

And at least you should not fire in the fireplace to speed up the drying. In addition, you risk being formed witchesot.

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Control away from cheap equipment when painting

PLEASE NOTE: The new living room and fireplace in the wood burning stove do not belong. Photo: Thinkstockphoto / Lars Sohl


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