Collects the dusting dust

Whether you work in the carpentry shop in the basement or puddle up, there are good reasons to get rid of the dust.

Collects the dusting dust

Collects the dusting dust

ASKESUGER: This is a cheap and useful solution. Slightly twisty to move on, and a little bit of snakes, but you do not have to change the vacuum cleaner bag every half hour. Photo: Øivind Lie

Collects the dusting dust

AUTOSTART: If you are sponsoring auto startup, plug the tool in the suction. Then start and stop it at the same time as the tool. Photo: Øivind Lie

Collects the dusting dust

CABLE IN HOSE: If you have a tool you always use with a hose, it’s smart to pull the cable inside the hose. New plug is all you need to buy. Photo: Øivind Lie

Collects the dusting dust

ADAPTER: Adapter for suction suction can be purchased for most tools if not included. Photo: Øivind Lie

Collects the dusting dust

UNIVERSAL: It’s not exactly the default dimensions in the different systems. If you buy a universal adapter in rubber, you get the most out of your mind. If it does not get tightly, take a few rounds of tape around the stussen. Photo: Øivind Lie

Collects the dusting dust

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Collects the dusting dust

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Collects the dusting dust

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Collects the dusting dust

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Those who brush up know that paintwork and dust work badly, so it’s a big advantage that there’s the least amount of dust in the air.

And when working with dust-producing tools, be aware that the dust can be hazardous to health.

– It’s important to know that there is no dust lying on the floor that causes health problems, but the airborne dust particles that you often look up to the sunlight, which pose a health hazard, says Senior Inspector Gunnar Løvås at the Labor Inspection Authority to click. no.

He explains that all the steps you take to catch up with the dust helps.

– Do you work with machines that produce dust is a dust mask a cheap and simple supplementary insurance, explains Løvås.

Better results

Dust-producing tools, such as grinding machines, can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to reduce dust pest.

A side effect is also that such tools get better cooling if they are connected to a vacuum cleaner.

Dust bag

A dust collector or dust bag is available on many tools, or can be purchased separately.

These bags work from quite bad to perfectly acceptable. They are any better than nothing if you do not have a better solution.

When we have tested brushes and cutters and yawning cases, it has been found that the more expensive machines are the ones who send the most dust in the bag.

Some brushes have their own exhaust system and a filter on the dust collector. A system that works well.

Regular vacuum cleaner

A regular vacuum cleaner is not suitable if you want a certain amount of workflow. If you connect a vacuum cleaner to a race saw, the bag will be full in a moment.

On the other hand, coupling on an ashtray, you get an absolutely acceptable and cheap solution. The disadvantage is that there will be two units and hoses in all directions.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner utility grid is the thing for the advanced hobby user. They come in all price ranges and quickly become an important part of the tool setup. The most expensive variants have autostart. Then plug the tool into the sponsor, which causes the suction to start when the tool is used and stops when turned off.

These vacuum cleaners consist of a large container where the engine part is in the lid. Sponges and dust land in the container, and you do not get to grips with small vacuum cleaners bags.

The filter must be of good quality. Otherwise, the fine dust passes the filter and blows out into the room. Then you’re getting worse.


Most newer tools are done ready for use with vacuum cleaners. If not, consult your dealer if there is an option.

It’s not always that the hose fits the gap on the tool. Then there are universal adapters or you need to improvise, with tape and other.

More information on dust collection can be found on the pages of Kevin Brady. He has made dust collection for hobby.

Source: Fine Homebuilding Magazine

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