Cohabitation with horses

The family wanted to live as close as possible to their four-legged friends.

Cohabitation with horses

Cohabitation with horses

DELIVER SAME: Stig Bech has good contact with the horses on the farm. Photo: Elisabeth Sperre Alnes

Cohabitation with horses

Extreme transformation of old villa

Cohabitation with horses

See grandmother’s modern house

Cohabitation with horses

They should only build a garage.

Cohabitation with horses

Closes for neighbors, opens up to the forest

Construction Facts

Gross area: Approx. 300 sqm

Construction costs: Approx. 5 kr mill. (incl. pool not yet finished).

Architect: Niels Marius Askim www. askim-Lantto. no

Entrepreneur: Krefting & Thiis AS

Together with the horses was the overall goal of the project

In this house you have free view of horses; both from the kitchen counter, the dining room, and from the fireplace room.

Large windows face the paddocks right outside, well-groomed hippos spank gracefully around.

The horses decided

The residents were swallowed by horses three years ago. To grow interest, they still sought a riding center.

But it did not last long. The family wanted to live closer to the animals and make the hobby a way of life.

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At a small altitude along the road to Nannestad, the family found the dream space.

There was already a barn, a stable, a staff cage and a farmhouse with an extension from the 80’s. But much had to be done before two-legged and four-legged could move in.

Additions at each end

Architect MNAL Niels Marius Askim was given the task of building the farmhouse on and off.

– Together with the horses was the overall goal of the project. At that point, it was necessary to have the utmost visibility, “says the resident.

The key was to make an extension to the west side of the house, with large glass surfaces facing the farm in the south and the paddocks in the north. And a solid concrete fireplace on the end wall.

Cohabitation with horses

EXTENDED IN BOTTOMS: The left-hand side has the same roof angle, coin height and width as the main house, while the left-hand side has a pointed roof angle, and is somewhat lower and narrower. Photo: Elisabeth Sperre Alnes

Like the main house is also a tiled construction. But the outer panel is darkened, and the roof is out of sight.

Cohabitation with horses

CONCRETE PEIS. The main attraction, next to the horses, is the clean-cut fireplace located in the new extension. Photo: Elisabeth Sperre Alnes

Added house history

– We have added a history to the building stock.

– We wanted to mark, not to deny that the extension is listed in another era, explains the architect.

At the same time neither the architect nor the builder went out of the way to delete a little history:

– The eighties built with the swimming pool on the opposite end was rough and put the building into imbalance.

Therefore, the extension was demolished – right down to the pool edge – and replaced by a new extension in the same style as on the west wing.

Both walls, skylights and logs are in gray concrete and could withstand heavy artillery.

But this is anything but a bunker. This is where the family gather in the evening, and this is where they have close contact with the cultural landscape.

– This is both a fireplace and a monitoring center, says the resident.

The concrete is simply not as cold and unfriendly as the rumor wants.

Cohabitation with horses

HORSES IN STUA: The glass surfaces extend from floor to ceiling and almost bring the horses into the living room. Photo: Elisabeth Sperre Alnes

The appearance of the shaping boards is evident in many places, and the bartre’s ripples make the stone-hard material assume a warm, organic feel.

Cohabitation with horses

CENTRAL: The dining area is centrally located in the house, with good contact both to the kitchen, fireplace and landscape. Photo: Elisabeth Sperre Alnes

In addition, the concrete heaters the heat so that it is good and licked here long after the fire has burned down.

Open Axis

The sight lines from the fireplace are endless. At least, you can see the Romeric Sauces a few kilometers away.

Inside, the sight lines have been extended. The original room divide is left and it is opened between the rooms.

This way you can now look through all the three building bodies: from the fireplace room, through the dining room and kitchen, through the pool and through the window on the other side – twenty five meters away.

Window to the Past

In addition to opening up and modernizing, residents were also keen to cultivate the house’s distinctive character and local anchorage.

The building was originally a seat, and was moved from the outskirts and to the farm once in the early 1900s. The fact that the house was constructed in the timber lumber was not easy to see when the residents took over.

Cohabitation with horses

OPEN AKSE: A short corridor with glass on both sides connects the enclosure with the main house. Here you can see through the dining room, the kitchen and into the pool which is located in the annex opposite end. Photo: Elisabeth Sperre Alnes

To display the story in the walls, the panel is removed and parts of the timber exposed – almost like windows into the past.

Cohabitation with horses

GROVT AND FIND TRIAL. In the walls where there is no need for insulation, the timber is exposed and framed to cultivate the distinctive character of the house. The panel also consists of untreated birch. Photo: Elisabeth Sperre Alnes

New panel in untreated birch enhances the tree and emphasizes the contrast between before and now.

The red color on the floors is also selected to cultivate the unique nature of the place. The color scheme is not inspired by the paint manufacturers’ booklets, but from the surrounding barns and staff cages.

A interaction between the interior and the outside environment occurs.

The effect may not be obvious, but it is there.

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