Best line of sight.

In short:

+ Best Sight Line

Something Unclean Cut


Steer away from these jigsaws

The case Co-Tech had a good deal of equipment / settings, and conducted the test in a straightforward way.

Best ergonomic design. Best line of sight. Long wire. Performed badly on the edge of the boards, and race with plants.

Clear on perpendicular section. Fair for leafshake.

In 48mm plank: Works well.

In solid bench: The case worked very badly due to the difficulty of sowing right with plants.

In precious worktop: Delete to get clean cuts.

In laminated chip: Get better.

In plywood: Also, it’s okay.

Effect: 600

Turn per. min: 800-3000

Thickness depth in three: 65

Metal Thickness: 8

Cord length: 3 meters

Store: Clas Ohlson


Producer Price 269


Our character

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