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Clean your home for just 3 kroner

Drop the pile with expensive cleaners. Here is the super fruit that fixes everything.

Clean your home for just 3 kroner

Many of us are concerned about how our body puts on health and health. But it’s not just what we eat that can be harmful. Several have also become more concerned about how the many and very chemical cleaners used to clean home can adversely affect the indoor climate.

Fortunately, there are many experts who think you can get it both nicely and at home by making use of the products you find in the cookery. Both baking soda, soda and vinegar are widely used among those who want a clean home in a cheaper and more natural way.

But did you know that lemon juice can also replace many of the traditional cleaners? According to the Bright Nest website, you’ll get pretty far with this superfruit to clean:

This allows you to use a lemon to

1. Wash windows and mirrors

Lemon juice is great for washing both mirrors and windows. How to do: Mix four tablespoons of lemon juice (fresh or concentrate from the bottle) in the washbasin for washing windows and you have effective window wash – completely chemical-free. The powerful citric acid dissolves dirt and watermarks and will make the windows shiny glossy. The same goes for dirty mirrors.

Clean your home for just 3 kroner

ANTIBACTERIAL: Not only is lemon juice super when it comes to removing stains, but it is also very antibacterial. PHOTO: Trine Jensen

2. Use as air freshener

Clean your home for just 3 kroner

Get rid of the spots under your arms

It is not without reason that many traditional cleaners are added a scent of lemon. The smell of this fruit is so clean and fresh that it makes us feel that things are clean almost before they are. If it still smells a bit of yesterday’s dinner in the kitchen, try the following:

Boil a mixture of lemon peel, cinnamon and baking soda into a saucepan and simmer for a few minutes and even the most eagerness of food hanging out will be a story.

3. Get copper shovels to shine again

If you have cups that start to look a bit matte, lemon and salt can quickly bring their shine back on them.. Cut a lemon into two, dip half in a little rough salt and rub the cut surface over the pan.

4. Remove spots of soap and lime

Forget expensive sprays that promise to break the spot. Squeeze some lemon juice straight on sticky stains of lime, hard water or soap, leave to sit for a few minutes and wipe with a damp cloth.

5. Get rid of ants

Everyone knows that sprays that are made to fight ants and other pests often contain substances that are not so lucky for us humans either. So why not try this:

Boil a little lemon crumb with a few deciliters of water, cool and drain the mixture over ants near your house. This will speed up the little tormentors.

6. Wash the garbage bin

It’s not going to be a lot of trouble to get rid of the trash can. To fix the stench: Squeeze the juice of 1-2 lemons into the bottom of the trash can, put in 2-3 teaspoonfuls of soda and leave the mixture to work for 5 minutes. Rinse out.

Clean your home for just 3 kroner

Superb: Have you tried this to clean? Photo: Thinkstockphotos

7. Puss furniture

Forget animals and chemical furniture, you do the job just as well with a mixture of lemon and olive oil. Mix 1 piece of lemon juice with 2 parts olive oil and massage the mixture into your wooden beans for a smooth and shiny finish..

8. Remove ink stain

If you get ink stain on your clothes, some lemon juice can remove the stain for you if you’re just fast enough. Squeeze plenty of lemon juice over the stain and then wash a cold wash in the machine.

Disinfect, remove odor and clean

According to the Quick and Simple website, the high acid content of the citrine makes the fruit perfect for use when something is cleaned and disinfected. Low pH and antibacterial properties make the lemon a healthy and natural multi-artist that can clean both wood, fabric and metals..

TIP: Always wipe away excess juice with warm water and wipe clean surfaces with a clean cloth.

These can also be cleaned with lemon juice:

1. Cranes in Chrome

These can be spotlessly clean with a small pusher job with cloth and lemon juice. In case of stubborn stains, it may be worthwhile to try a mixture of salt and lemon.

Clean your home for just 3 kroner

No, it’s not a fat

2. Stains on the fence

Not only can lemon juice on the cutlery remove food spots, but the acidic juice also works to kill many bacteria that can be cheated here. Rub the lemon juice well into the wood surface, and allow to stand overnight before flushing the jar well and wiping it dry.

3. Scratch-colored joints

Lemon juice and an old toothbrush are the perfect team to rub the discoloration away from the joints between the tiles on both the bathroom and the kitchen.

4. Dirty microwave

Many think it’s a hurry to clean inside the dishwasher. But such work can be done both fast, safe and cheap:

Put a bowl of water and a few drops of lemon juice into the microwave and cook up. Do not open the door in 10 minutes. When you do this, stains will have dissolved in the steam and you can only take a damp cloth and wipe off.

5. Laminate worktop

Mix some drops of lemon juice into a spray bottle of water and use to clean the worktops in laminate. Afterwards clean with water and wipe off.

6. Grillristen

Removable food residue on grill grill is removed quickly with a mixture of lemon juice and salt.

Clean your home for just 3 kroner

Curl it and put it in the dryer

7. Plastic Boxes

Plastic and plastic storage boxes that have been discolored by food residue can be soaked in lemon juice to remove both stains and odors.. If the stains are added well, it may be a good idea to scrub with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice.

8. Clothes Laundry

The white wash can become even whiter if you pre-treat your clothes in a mixture of lemon juice and water before washing your machine normally..

But do not try this trick on silk or other delicate materials.

9. Detergent

Are you free of Zalo, some drops of lemon juice in the sink can make the same benefit.

10. Refrigeration

Remove both stains and odors in the refrigerator by using lemon in the cleaning process. If you’re lucky you can try to leave a small bowl of lemon juice inside the fridge for a few days.

11. The toilet

You can clean the toilet by washing the inside of the toilet with some lemon juice. Use the brush and spread the juice around the bowl. Rinse down.

12. Turn off and drain

Drains that start to get dense can get this treatment: Make a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. hell in the sleep. The foam that occurs will help remove blockages. Rinse through with plenty of water.

13. Water kettle

Lime coating forms fast on the inside of your kettle. This removes quickly by boiling a boiler of water with some slices of lemon. Let the mixture sit in the boiler for a few hours before flushing.

Smart, Effective, and Natural

HÃ¥kon Lindahl, environmental adviser in Green Everyday, is also a fan of natural cleaners.

– Lemon is a great example of the fact that a lot of cleaning can be done without detergents, Lindahl confirms to Click Housing.

– Many carry massive chemical warfare against dirt and shabby at home, and have an entire arsenal of detergents under the kitchen counter. But this is rarely necessary and you definitely have many natural options you can use at home already.

Using pesticides like lemon, vinegar and baking powder naturally has a positive effect on both the environment and not least your health through a better and healthier indoor climate.

Clean your home for just 3 kroner

If you do this, you’ll never need to clear

You will be pleasantly surprised at how clean you can get it just by using lemon juice, explains Lindahl.

– The fruit has been used for cleaning for long periods and in all spirits and cultures. And of course this has a reason.

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