Clean the bathroom? It’s just getting started

We provide you with an overview of which missile projects are not required.

Clean the bathroom? It's just getting started

Clean the bathroom? It's just getting started

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Clean the bathroom? It's just getting started

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Clean the bathroom? It's just getting started

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Craftsmen have complained of their distress over the paperfield by the new wetroom rules.

The rules entered into force 1. July last year caused a lot of paperwork, reported several of the country’s newspapers.

Following the release, the local minister of life, Liv Navarsete, has put the regulations on hold.

It is therefore temporarily open to private to apply for liability as a self-employed person, whether they have built a wet room.

This is mandatory

If you intend to initiate a home improvement project, it may be fine to be clear what is applicable and not.

Even though there seems to be a different opinion, you can do a lot of the work in the bathroom without bothering the municipality.

– It’s only when you’re going to build a bathroom from the bottom that it needs to be requested, says Director of the State Building Technical Bureau (BE), Marit Langen, to click. no.

– And even then you can do it yourself, but you have to apply for liability and engage a company to do some of the work.

Coms Karlsen, Head of Professional Affairs at the Counseling Board, states that the application obligation also applies if substantial changes are made to the membrane layer or a completely new layer is established.

He adds that the Ministry of Communal Affairs has now opened for the self-employed person to be granted a right of responsibility to wet rooms in existing buildings.


There has been a lot of confusion about what a private person can do in the bathroom.

It is therefore the case that you can do it yourself, but you are also responsible for the quality of your work..

In cases where the work is so extensive that they are required to apply, use a form called “Application for wet room permission in existing building”.

In this form you also indicate whether you apply as a self-employed person, as you have the opportunity for as long as you associate professionals to do parts of the job.

On its web pages BE specifies what is applicable and not.

Facade Change

This is a type of measure that may be required. It depends on the character of the building, as it is mentioned in the building rules.

“Buildings that in themselves do not represent a self-worth should be able to undergo minor phase changes without the building’s nature being considered to be modified,” the State Building Technical Agency writes in its comments on building rules.

– Basically, you can both change outerwear, insert an extra window or paint the house in a very special color without having to search the municipality.

– It’s only if the plan terms are explicit that facade changes require an application, that you have to sit down in front of your PC. But in general, it will be a lot of time before it’s talk of such big facade changes that application becomes mandatory, Langen expands..

Balconies and terraces

You can also set up a balcony or terrace without application.

– What is crucial is whether the project exceeds the utilization rate that applies. For balconies it is also important if it changes the house’s character, in which case it is required to apply.

– And, of course, the project must meet the technical requirements, Langen emphasizes

Terraces lying flat on the ground are not required.

If they are built over the hill, they are required if they are raised more than half a mile above the ground.

Built in sloping terrain, it is the mean height between the smallest and highest altitude that determines. And it must not exceed half a meter.

Clean the bathroom? It's just getting started

NOT APPLICABLE: You can build such a terrace that is right on the ground without searching. It also applies to a certain extent balconies. Photo: Dag Thorstensen

heating appliances

Up to 1. July this year, new fireplaces can be installed without application, but provided that the work is checked by a qualified inspector.

In addition, there is no application obligation if replacing an old stove with a new, provided that you use the same smoke pipe entry.

According to the provisions, repair at existing fire place is also not required.


The small utility room in the back garden can be installed without seeking the municipality if it does not exceed 15 sqm and there are no restrictions in the control plan.

Previously smaller buildings could be built up by sending a message to the municipality.

This option has now been removed (although it is rumored that it can be reinstated) and replaced with a so-called application duty without liability. This means that one must apply, but can do all the work itself.

Claims without liability include minor additions of up to 50 sqm, and detached buildings of up to 70 sq.m. not to be used for residential purposes.

Internal Worker

Clean the bathroom? It's just getting started

NOT APPLICABLE: The small utility room or dollhouse outside in the garden can be built without searching if it is under 15 sqm. Photo: Illustration photo:

Most of what you do inside do not the building authorities need to know anything about, but if you intend to move on bearing constructions you must apply.

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