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Checklist to find the right broker

How to choose the right real estate agent.

Checklist to find the right broker

Tips for choosing broker:

– Talk to more brokers, and remember that you choose a person and not an office.

– Invite more brokers to visit to hear what they have to say about the home.

Ask the broker to get references from other customers who have sold similar housing in the same area.

– View views the broker holds, to see how they do the job.

– Make sure the broker has local knowledge about the area.

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Choosing the right broker to sell your home can be a more comprehensive process than what you had seen before. Forget what company the broker is attached to, and allow you to call past customers, is some advice.

Go for Local Administrator

– I recommend finding a skilled local agent who knows the area where the home is going to be sold well, says Odd Nymark, Managing Director of Eiendomsmegler1, Oslo and Akershus..

A good local representative should have knowledge of school circles, free areas and building plans in the immediate area. In addition, the local broker has an overview of stakeholders from similar homes sold in the area.

Carsten Pihl is a consumer adviser in the Norwegian Real Estate Association, and agrees with Nymark.

– The real estate broker must have local knowledge about the area in which you live. It is also an advantage if the broker has sold similar homes earlier. It makes them know the customer group, Pihl points out.

It is also fully allowed to ask the broker to contact two references that can confirm that your impression of the broker is correct, Nymark adds to.

– You can request references from customers who have sold similar homes in the same area, explains Pihl.

Company is irrelevant

Pihl says that you should not choose a broker based on which company the broker belongs to.

– One of the typical traps you can go in is choosing an office or a chain without checking which broker you end up with.

Requirements for real estate agents today are high, we must believe Nymark. Yet he is aware that there is one trap you should not go in.

– You should not choose broker based on who has given you the highest price estimate on the property. It is not in the cards that the broker will be able to achieve the best price of the property in the end, Nymark strikes.

Invite more brokers home

Both Nymark and Pihl recommend that you at the start of the process invite two-three brokers home to you to find out what they have to offer. Then you will have the opportunity to get to know more brokerage companies and what they can offer by selling.

– It can be quite different to both the experience of a broker and the price quote you will receive, Nymark states.

You should remember that a sales process is best if the cooperation between the seller and the broker works as well as possible. Therefore, know if you have good chemistry with the broker to manage your housing value. – What I look like from inquiries is that many have just chosen to contact one broker, Pihl points out.

Nymark says that there is also a part that has not discussed and read the agreement with the real estate agent well enough. Seller and broker have different views regarding advertising, marketing and what to do along the way in the sales process.

– Think about what you want in advance, and then get a real estate agent to meet these requirements. Then you will be able to get a good home sales, he thinks.

No fits on what’s right

Nymark informs that today, part of how the broker performs the marketing of housing sales. In a new digital era, there are some brokers who have come a long way with smart digital advertising opportunities of the home.

Checklist to find the right broker

See how creative use of a toy sauce gives the home seller a better price

Checklist to find the right broker

Do you know what you really pay for?

Checklist to find the right broker

– Earn hundreds of thousands to paint the home

– Advertising of the home on social media, and on the largest web sites in the country, helps many more people agree that the home is for sale, “he says..

You should, as a rule, have a meeting with the broker and review the sales process, products and marketing.

There is no clue to which broker is correct, but if you agree on a meeting, it will give a good indication of whether you will be able to work well with the broker.

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