Check what you know about Norwegian architecture

Take our quiz about Norwegian architecture and construction.

Check what you know about Norwegian architecture

Architecture is something most people have an opinion about. The appearance of buildings simply engages, whether it’s office buildings, homes, or cabins.

There have been several spectacular construction projects in Norway in recent years, where perhaps the Opera is perhaps the most international attention.

Norwegian architects have in recent years also picked up more international awards. Among other things, Snøhetta architects have received the award “World building of the year” in the category of visiting center.

We must also not forget the Troll Street plateau which has received much attention as a tourist attraction.

But what do you really like about Norwegian architecture and architecture?

Do you know, for example, when the functionalism (funkis) came to Norway for the first time? Before or after the war?

Or what about the castle, who designed it?

And what cinema drew Sverre Fehn after the building was burned in 1963.

Test your knowledge in our architecture quiz. If you manage all (without google), you undoubtedly have good knowledge of Norwegian architecture.

You start the quiz by tapping the button in the image.

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