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Thus they transformed the old water tower into a modern luxury home.

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There are plenty of exciting examples of homes that have started their lives like completely other buildings with completely different features. Some elders buy buildings that have a special history in the local community, preserves these and transforms them into homes. Others once again embark on projects to make buildings no-one would have thought of being able to work back home to just that.

The latter must certainly be said about this no less than the spectacular home in the midst of London – which began its life like the water tower.

Historic water tower became a nice design residence

According to the design and architecture site Freshome, it was both the location and not least built as an accused Leigh Osbourne and Graham Voce when they bought the old water tower in north west London in 2008.

– There is no doubt that this is some of the more unique we’ve ever seen in housing, explains Connie at 1st Option, an agency that finds and leases unique homes and venues for movie sets, catalogs and the like.

– The owners have done a spectacular job of rendering the old water tower and have not spared anything in terms of details and decor.

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LONDON: The 19th century water tower became a modern luxury residence. Photo: 1st Option

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HISTORICAL: The old building has a rich history in the local community. Photo: 1st Option

Historic building

The old water tower has a long history, and is a famous landmark in the local area of ​​many Londoners.

– The water tower was built as far back as 1877, explains Connie.

– The builders were Fowler and Hill, and the water tower was part of the Lambeth Workhouse and Infirmary, a poverty and hospital with a famous and infamous “galehus” department. Later, the building was converted to Lambeth Hospital.

For centuries, the Venetian / Gothic structure has been a landmark central to London.

Sold on ticket sales

The building had been shut down and left for years when in 2008, completely dilapidated and declining, was put up for sale.

The unique building was listed for “only” £ 395,000, equivalent to approximately 3.6 million Norwegian kroner – a very low price when considering housing prices elsewhere in London, which is undoubtedly one of the world’s most expensive cities to buy real estate in.

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INNSYN: The couple built a brick-like extension to the old tower. Photo: 1st Option

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OPEN PLAN SOLUTION: In the “Cube” is a kitchen and dining area. Photo: 1st Option

The new owners, Leigh Osbourne and Graham Voce, had knowledge of both the building and the area, and were delighted to accept the offer at their new home.

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In this house the trees are planted within the wall

Soon they were doing huge renovations and construction projects.

Luxury Home

There is no doubt that the building as it appears today is a long step from the fatty beginnings it had. Osbourne and Voce have created a spectacular luxury home in the old water tower.

The water tower currently has no less than four bedrooms – all of which boast a sensational view of the London city.

– From the top, all rooms have a 360 degree view, explains Connie.

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BEVART: Although the couple completely renovated the old water tower, they have retained large portions of the original wall of the wall inside. Photo: 1st Option

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LUXURY: The bathrooms are reminiscent of bathrooms found in luxurious hotel rooms. Photo: 1st Option

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KITCHEN: The white kitchen makes the room appear bigger and lighter. Photo: 1st Option

– Fortunately, the owners got installed an elevator so that you do not have to climb all the stairs to reach the top of the tower and the rooms that are there.

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This house is extra special

Built modern extension

All bedrooms, in addition to a TV room, are located at the top of the tower. But in order to fulfill the dream of a living and living zone, where one could enjoy an open plan living and space, the couple built a square “box” down the tower, which now houses a kitchen, dining room and living room.

The box has been nicknamed “The Cube” – The Cube, due to its design.

According to the interior site Homedsg, the tower itself is 30 meters high – and the walls are not less than 5 meters thick.

– You do not hear much noise from outside and inside, explains one of the owners to the site.

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EATING CARE: The couple’s modern style fills the newly built part of the home. Photo: 1st Option

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DAILY STAY: A more relaxed style is available in the living room. Photo: 1st Option

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TRAPPER: There will be some stairs when your home is 30 meters high. Photo: 1st Option

The steel water tank is also intact and is attached to the side of the tower.

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They live in an old train station

Modern interior

Many who renovate older or historical buildings fall into the temptation to keep the interior in a style that is adapted to the building’s era and exterior. Osbourne and Voce did not make any attempt.

In the old water tower, the interior is both modern and tight. The duo has focused on an open floor plan, and furnishings and furnishings that are both contemporary and modern.

On the walls, the couple’s collection of modern art hangs, and the couple has even made a large patio on top of the new extension.

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UTEPLASS: On top of the enclosure, the couple has made a large and practical patio. Photo: 1st Option

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LONDON: Nothing to say about the view from this patio. Photo: 1st Option

Here you will find the most beautiful interior pictures

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Create a dream home below the slope

Here the house hangs on the edge of the ditch

This mini-house is shared by two families

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SOVEPLASS: With 5 meter thick outer walls there is nothing that can interfere with these bedrooms. Photo: 1st Option

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As long as the eye can see: A TV room has gotten high up in the old water tower. Photo: 1st Option

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AS A HOTEL: The couple brought inspiration to the decor from luxury hotels. Photo: 1st Option


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