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Check this if the light bulbs go too often

The reason may be inside the house or in the mains.

Check this if the light bulbs go too often

Lighting is important for home comfort and many spend thousands of dollars on design lamps. After the old incandescent bulbs were banned, we had to get used to thinking about Kelvin and Lumen, but it does not matter if the bulbs in your house still go.

Too high voltage in the electrical grid is the most common cause of light bulbs lasting shorter than expected, says Tore Ledaal, head of department at the security laboratory Nemko.

– With the old incandescent bulbs, many found that vibration could cause them to go. When we got the new saving bulbs, people expected them to last very long and when they did not, it felt like a problem.

Different Rules of Excitement

He states that the power companies supplying power to the electrical system must supply power with a voltage of 230 volts.

– But they are allowed to vary the voltage by plus / minus 10 percent and this means that you can get voltage of up to 253 volts at the power outlet. It is not all appliances and light bulbs that are designed to withstand long periods of time. This affects, for example, the electronics in the light bulbs and can shorten their life expectancy, “says Ledaal.

What makes this problem so complicated is that the tests performed on the products only rely on a variation in the voltage of plus / minus 2 percent.

– There is a big mismatch here. Manufacturers only think of two percent variation, while the consumer can experience up to 10 percent variation, says Ledaal.

Check this if the light bulbs go too often

CHECK ON THE PACK: These two light bulbs are designed to withstand hand-held 230 volts and 220-240 volts. However, the network companies can legally vary the voltage in the network up to 253 volts, which can significantly reduce the bulb life. Photo: Gro Strømsheim

Varies according to where you live

Check this if the light bulbs go too often

If you fall down here you may not be insured

The voltage in your wall outlet may also depend on how far away from the local transformer drive you live.

– The voltage is not constant, it decreases as quickly as it is transported, so that those living near the transformer station may have a slightly higher voltage than those who live far away. Of course, there are small variations but could affect electrical appliances and light bulbs, “says Erlend Lillelien in Lyskultur (Norway’s leading network of expertise for light).

If there is heavy industry near your home, there may also be major variations in the voltage when the factory, for example, starts up a machine. This could affect electrical products and light bulbs.

The power of the tension in the network is not something you can influence yourself, this will vary. Excessive voltage will affect the life of electrical appliances and light bulbs, they will rarely go the first time the voltage is too high.

– We can hope that the manufacturers receive a lot of feedback that this is a problem so they make bulbs that can withstand more. Remember that as a consumer you can bring the light bulb back to the store if it lasts shorter than expected and ask for a change to a new one. This is primarily a problem with the energy saving bulbs, LED bulbs are made in a different way and will not be affected in the same way, says Ledaal.

Switching from bulbs to LED bulbs can thus be a solution to the problem.

May be incorrect inside the


Bjørn Sørensen is the Head of Electrical Safety at Nelfo, and recommends that everyone read the package carefully before buying light bulbs.

Check this if the light bulbs go too often

DO NOT LET IT BLINK: An old-fashioned fluorescent lamp that blinks has to be replaced. If not, it will always try to light the fluorescent tube, which may start a fire. Photo: Illustration photo: Thinkstock Images

– Check how high the voltage they are made to withstand, they should withstand more than 230 volts, he says.

However, it may also be that the cause of the problem lies in your home. If you only find that the bulb often goes in one place in the house, you may want to take a closer look.

– There may be a malfunction or a wire that is not well screwed inside a lamp so that there is no proper contact. If you find that a light bulb goes more than once or often in the same place, I would recommend calling an electrician. It’s always worth taking a check, rather than taking the risk of a fire in the house, “says Sørensen..

Erlend Lillelien says that electrical appliances in your house can cause noise on the mains, which destroys the light bulbs.

– If you have a microwave on the same circuit as the lamp, it may happen that it creates so much noise when it is started to affect the light bulbs. Some bulbs are more sensitive than others, this does not apply to old incandescent bulbs, but LED bulbs and light bulbs.

He asks you to think if light bulbs go several places in the house, in that case, it indicates for external cause. If it happens only in a place in the house, the reason is likely to be found in the home.

Dimmer may be incorrectly connected

Another reason may be vibration, for example, if you smack with the front door.

Check this if the light bulbs go too often

ANY TYPES: There are several different types of light bulbs on the market. The spare bulbs are more sensitive to variations in voltage in the mains. Photo: Gro Strømsheim

– If you smack the door so the wall shakes, it can cause the vibration of the light bulb to become so strong that it breaks. This applies to the old incandescent bulbs, which are no longer made, but as many still have home, says Sørensen.

Check this if the light bulbs go too often

These can prevent gas accidents

If you have connected a dimmer to a light bulb that is not compatible with a dimmer, you may also experience the light bulb going.

In the event of thunderstorms, you can overload the electrical system, but then you will find that many electrical appliances turn off, not just one light bulb. The same applies if there is an error with the network companies, so they send too high voltage into the system. Then many electrical appliances will be destroyed, such cases will be covered by the insurance.

Lillelien asks you to be aware of old fluorescent tubes. If they are standing blinking, it can be dangerous.

– Old fluorescent lamps that flash can start fire. The fluorescent lamp is actually in use, but there is a small filament inside the luminaire that starts the fluorescent lamp. The luminaire will try to light the fluorescent lamp even if it does not get it when it is still trying to ignite it can get too hot inside the luminaire and there may be a fire, says Lillelien.

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