Check this before putting on the next laundry

Does it smell bad from the washing machine? There are simple solutions for that.

Check this before putting on the next laundry

When you wash clothes, you expect them to look clean and white when they get out of the machine – and not least smell fresh.. But we also know everyone that is not always the case.

You may have been dull to remove your clothes once they have been washed out, and maybe even let it go so long that you need to re-wash the laundry?

Then you have probably done the washing machine.

Washing machines do not like to keep their clothes longer than most necessary, and they usually become sure if they have to sit watchman longer than that.

And if you’re one of those who prefer to wash in large quantities, most of the laundry will eventually smell like a repulsive combination of sweat socks, sore lingerie and wet towels..

So, what can you really do to get up with an unobtrusive washing machine?

Preventative measures

To prevent the washing machine from aching sour smell, it is therefore important not to hesitate to remove the clothes once the washing cycle has ended. If you do not, the machine can respond by quickly developing a musty smell.

Fortunately, many washing machines are provided with a timer or a delay switch so you can start it automatically for a specific time.

Do not forget about the rubber ring

If you have a gasket with a rubber ring in the opening, this should be washed regularly as it may cause a bad smell.

Leader for consumer services at Lilleborg, Malin Skaar, points out to bonytt. Note that the rubber ring in the doorway of the machine should also be dried thoroughly after each wash, to prevent bacterial growth in residual water and dirt.

If the rubber ring is torn and cracked, there may be soaps and other unholiness inside, which will be quite painful after a while. If the machine is relatively old, it may be worth changing the ring.

Bacteria in the machine

According to research director at the Norwegian Institute of Consumer Research, Ingun Grimstad Klepp, bacteria can develop in washing machines (smells bad).

– Those who have this problem should wash at high temperatures occasionally for this to not happen.

Skaar also believes that bad smell of laundered clothes can occur if it is washed consistently at 40 ° C or lower temperature.

Check this before putting on the next laundry

Here the single socks hide

– Over time, dirt, grease and deposits can accumulate in the machine, which causes a bad odor in the machine. The wounded smell may spread on the laundry.

– To prevent malfunction of the machine, we recommend that you wash a laundry of 60 ° C or 95 ° C. The machine should also be left open between each sink.

Use the machines

In addition, Skaar recommends that you use the machine once a week.

The cleaning agent is used in this way:

1. Empty the washing machine for clothes and wash the dispenser tray (usually remove the drawer from the machine so that it can rinse in running water in the tap).

2. Wash the bellows / rubber ring in the door opening with a wet cloth before each machine.

3. Fill the contents of the bag into the main compartment in the dispensing drawer. Close the washing machine and run a normal program at 90 ° C or 95 ° C with empty machine (without clothes). In case of malfunction in the machine, we recommend that you perform one or more cleaning with the machine by following the instructions for use.

– There may also be a bad smell of bodily or very dirty laundry that is being washed at too low temperatures, Skaar points out..

– This applies, for example, to lingerie, exercise clothes, bed linen and towels. This is a laundry that is often contaminated with body smudges and bacteria, and therefore requires a hygienic wash.

With hygienic washing is meant washing at 60 ° C or higher temperature.

Why is the rinse aid left in the drawer?

It is not uncommon for a small amount of water or rinse aid to be left in the drawer. Concentrated rinse aid must often be mixed with water – a smooth flow of consistency.

Get rid of bad smell in the washing machine

Wash three times at 60 degrees with a half-desiliter dishwasher detergent with chlorine. After each round, clean the machine’s sieve to prevent sealing.

Wash again at 60 degrees, but now without detergent to flush out the remains of chlorine.

Then wash a further three times at 60 degrees with half a desiliter or 30 grams of citric acid added to the water each time.

Finally run a rinse program or a 60 degree wash to clean the last of the coating.

(Note that this should be done without laundry in the machine!)

Source: Danish Consumer Council

Check this before putting on the next laundry

Do you wash your underwear at 40 degrees?

Remove detergent drawer and clean it thoroughly in warm water. Make sure that the rinse aid chamber is cleaned. It may also be necessary to clean the walls around where the water enters the detergent drawer.

Please use a brush to remove all leftovers.

Black coating in detergent drawer?

If you wash most at low temperatures, it can cause bacteria to accumulate.

Remove detergent drawer and clean it thoroughly in warm water. Also clean the walls with a brush. Then wash with disinfectant liquid.

Take care of the washing machine

Communications Manager in Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances, Katrin Ohlander, explains to Bonytt. no that there is usually no sore smell in the washing machine.

– It is very important to take care of the washing machine, and our experience shows that this is often something consumers forget.

– With the washing machine, as with other appliances, it is always worthwhile to review the operating instructions and follow the tips and advice given.

Ohlander points out that how to take care of the washing machine often may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Also follow the dosage recommendations from the detergent manufacturer to avoid overdosing , and take into account the maximum capacity of the washing machine in the various programs. This further reduces the risk of bad odor.

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