Check this baby bath

The family wanted a large bathroom that accommodated both new and old things.

Check this baby bath

Check this baby bath

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Check this baby bath

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When the family of two big and two small were building a country house, a large bathroom was a part of the building plan. The grandson needed space and space for storage.

– We built white houses with red ceilings. To me it was natural that it became a nice bathroom with room for new and old things, “said Birgit Wibe, who received expert assistance from interior designer Tahani Aiesh. The white house in Asker now houses a bathroom of 17 sqm.

Packed into oblique walls

The bathroom had tiles in white on the walls and a more gray color on the heated tile floor. The oblong tiles on the walls and the bath provide associations to brick walls. The sloping walls create a feeling of being well wrapped up.

Due to the sloping walls, it became difficult with a fixed mirror over the sinks, but Birgit got two romantic little mirrors that fit the buyer’s desk.

Check this baby bath

ROOM: The buyer’s desk from Home and Cottage makes room for all the family bathroom amenities. Here the children also parked their bathroom toys. Extra thin water pipes were added, so that the trays could keep the depth. Due to the sloping roof, there is no room for mounting mirrors over the washbasins, but the small spikes from Lene Bjerre make the use. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Check this baby bath

FRAMED. The Duravit bath is the materialized dream of housekeeper, it is dressed with brick-tile tiles, all from the tile company and Megaflis. The wooden collar in front of the tub is from Palma. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Check this baby bath

shelving. Shower and bathtub are gathered in one of the corners of the bathroom. The towels have been placed in a niche with oak shelves, decorative and practical. Under the wooden plate on the bench, next to the bath, there is a hidden storage space. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Inn with buyer disk

Check this baby bath

STYLE MIX. The modern bathroom is decorated with classic furniture that softens the tightness. The original rattan was worn out, but the chair frame was holding. Now it has got a lavender colored velvet strap. Stettfat in three from Have it in the bathroom. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Style Tips

  • Consistent use of old furniture creates soft mood.
  • Tiles placed in brick pattern make the bathroom not feel sterile even if it is white.
  • Create niche for maximum space utilization.

In the gray-green dish, two white sinks are laid down and the wood plate is lacquered with eight solid coats on the surface to withstand water spills from the sinks.

– We were worried that the water pipes would take too much space behind the interior so we did not get used to the depth. I did not know that we could have extra thin pipes attached to the sinks; It was a joyous surprise for us, “says Birgit.

Dreamed about XL Bathtub

The man in the house has talked about a big whirlpool for ten years. Birgit tells that the big room gave the opportunity to meet the desire.

Birgit was a little skeptical about x1 size bathtubs at the start, but it works perfectly well.

– Here we can lie in the tub and look out for nature. An evening bath and candlelight is also a nice relaxation for a busy day with work and young children. Also the kids love swimming in the big tub.

Furniture with memories

The window and decor provide a nice expression. For the family it was important that the bathroom did not become sterile but a sheltered living room. The large window contributes greatly to the feeling of space, and the personal objects create atmosphere.

– I’m from the farm and am used to furniture that tells a story. Many of the furniture is found on the barn, and I have refurbished to fit in. We have also inherited old, nice things that have taken place in the bathroom and otherwise in the home.

Dishware in the porcelain with gold edges is one of the legends in the bathroom. The buyer’s counter is new but still has a worn feel. A relaxation chair has been rescued from the wreckage. It has been refurbished and has gained honor in the corner of the corner.

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