Check the triangle house!

A total of 100 sqm of the wall of the wall is a covered outdoor area.

This remarkable brick house in western Norway is a type of accommodation that many can dream about, especially when it rains and blows.

A total of 100 square meters of the wall building’s ground floor is a covered outdoor area.

Good architecture for active people

Here is the idea that you should be able to be out even if the weather is not top. This is useful, especially for families with children who have many outdoor activities all year long.

The same attitude to life outdoors that one builds also in terms of life that lives outside, you can also look at this super-compact ski hut and the new design mini-homes that have been on the market.

The second floor is twisted a few degrees

– The accommodation we have drawn is lifted up to provide a large patio for play, cars and collections. At the same time, the second floor is twisted slightly in relation to the first level and the building is laid to the ground so that the owners get direct access to the forest from the second floor, says architect MNAL Sixten Rahlff in 3RW in Bergen to bonytt. no

Check the triangle house!

RUN THE CAR IN THE HOUSE: From the side you will see how the driveway to the house and car port as well as the entrance to the house are located. Photo: Trond Opstad, Information Partner

Check the triangle house!

UNDER THANK YOU: In the sheltered areas just below the housing body, residents are protected from weather and wind. Photo: Trond Opstad, Information Partner

The way the second floor is twisted gives the house in addition to a sleek, dynamic shape and a large, triangular roof terrace with panoramic views.

Check the triangle house!

Is this the northernmost cabin?

Drive straight under the house

This original twisted volume also helps create a convenient driveway for cars and bikes – right up to and under the house.

Inside you will find both a carport and a direct entrance to the entrance hall with stairs up to the second floor.

Airy zones and area efficiency

Check the triangle house!

A LOGIC HOUSE: The car is driven right under the house, and from here there is a short way to the hallway and the stairs up to the second floor. Notice the bright, bright tiles on the walls. Photo: Trond Opstad, Information Partner

These special architectural grips outdoors are a fruit of, among other things, an area-efficient organization of the entire residential area of ​​250 square meters.

Check the triangle house!

Is this Bærum’s coolest villa?

One bedroom is located on the ground floor next to the entrance hall, while the second floor is divided into a number of airy zones; kitchen, living room and two bedrooms and bathroom.

The mountain wall behind the house and the tall trees have been carefully taken care of during the construction process.

This creates a back wall that gives the home excellent contact with nature around.

A Completed Material Mix

The house is built of steel columns and Leca, which is refurbished with a rusty, reinforced wall cushion. This material mix houses a clean and simple visual impression.

All exterior walls are refurbished inside.

The roof is made of Leca elements with insulation and tiling. The roof has fallen backwards and there are laid gutters.

The covered areas are covered with white, white tiles. These further enhance the impression of one this is a quality house. The price during the construction period 2008-2010 was 3.5 million kroner.

A house that lasts

– The villa with the simple architecture is characterized by durable materials, says Ole H. Krokstrand in the industry organization without borders.

Check the triangle house!

ROLE ROOM COMBINATIONS: 3RW Architects designed the second floor with the different rooms organized as zones adjacent to each other. Photo: Trond Opstad, Information Partner

Isoblocks are suitable for today’s brick houses because when the wall is up the wall is finished and with thermal insulation and other measures in the building, the requirements for passive house standards can be met.

Check the triangle house!

Built-in cabin with glass in height

– Murhus stands out with good resistance to fire and rioting. If the house is properly designed and the craft is properly done, the façades will be able to stand without maintenance for 20-30 years. However, this assumes that the house is painted with a mineral paint, says Senior Engineer Noralf Bakken in SINTEF.

On two lines, architect professor Einar Dahle summarizes the AHO qualities of this ancient building material:

– With walls, rooms and walls are formed of the same material. Mur keeps warm and breathes for a good indoor climate. Earth, fire water and air unite in the wall, sustainability for the next thousand years.

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Check the triangle house!

VIDSYNT PROJECT: Here you will see how the staircase comes up from the first level and to the living room on the second floor. From here the view is huge. Photo: Trond Opstad, Information Partner

Check the triangle house!

THE CREATIVE 3RW TEAM: From the left architects Jakob Røsvik, Ingvild Bennet, Susanne Puchberger, Sixten Rahlff, Thomas Pfeffer, Haakon Rasmussen, Espen Folgerø, Espen Rahlff, Eirik Astrup and Eve Leonardi. Photo: 3RW Architects

Check the triangle house!

Basic plans and sections Photo: DRAWING: 3 RW architects

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Check the triangle house!

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