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White-clad mountains are all you need in the Andes.

Check that view

High in the Chilean Andes mountains, the spectacular chalets C7 lie.

The house was designed by the architect office dRN Architects, established in 2005 by Nicolás del Río and Max Núnes.

The project is located 2990 meters above sea level, on the south side of the Inka lake.

The terrain is steep and rocky, and the house has immediate spectacular views of the lake and high mountain peaks.

Check that view

INNOVATIVE PANORAMA: From the living room it is opened up to the beautiful mountains. Photo: Felipe Camus

The Alpe House does not disturb the view of those who are moving in the terrain above the building.

Well, there is the landscape outside, the nature and the surroundings that are in focus.

Large sections of the front towards the lake are in glass, so the view becomes overwhelming even when you’re in.

The house is built on a stone foundation that connects the house with the hill and surroundings.

Check that view

STRONG INTERIOR: Clean lines and great views characterize the units at the resort. Photo: Felipe Camus

The openings are made in the foundation so the house can take care of the sometimes large snow masses in the mountains.

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Check that view

CUSTOMIZED SNOW: The first part of the building is clad in stone, and there are openings to take off the snowstrokes. Photo: Felipe Camus

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