Check roof beam staircase at Torshov

Architect Aslak Krogness Haanshuus made stairs of a roof beam that was left over.

Check roof beam staircase at Torshov

In search of a staircase there is only one of which can give you a home other can envy you?

What about this staircase?

But let it be clear right away: This stairway is not built according to current regulations for stairways.

This is not a staircase you should use as a model, at least if you want the building authority’s blessing.

The staircase is missing balustrades on both sides and handrails on one side.

Therefore, the stairway is neither child-friendly nor regular, but it feels safe enough for my use. And it can be done properly with simple grips, emphasizes the architect.

Beam became stair

Haanshuus is by no means the only one who ranks aesthetics in front of safety.

– As an architect, it is an exciting challenge to draw the stairs yourself. The design itself originated from the desire to use the beam that had to be removed as a constructive element.

Check roof beam staircase at Torshov

OWN DESIGN: Architect Aslak Krogness Haanshuus has designed the staircase himself and produced it at the metal shop Sophus Bugges Eftf. in Oslo. Photo: Espen Grønli

The woody log slices diagonally through the living room, dividing the room into two. The beech has thus become the supporting element of the staircase – both in a constructive and visual sense.

Check roof beam staircase at Torshov

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The steps themselves consist of triangular steel pipes that the architect has produced at a local metal workshop.

The result is a staircase that is unique in its kind.

Exposed roof beams

However, the stairs are not the only original at this Torshov apartment.

You do not even raise your eyes to see that the sky differs from the crowd. Naked beams cross the whole room – about what it looks like midway in a refurbishment project. Here, however, nothing is done halfway. Haanshuus thought the coarse pine cones were too fine to be sealed behind the plaster and plaster.

He wanted them in the light.

– Exposed ceiling beams give the apartment a rusty, rough expression, but more importantly; the ceiling height is raised by thirty centimeters, says the young architect.

Airy Room

Check roof beam staircase at Torshov

EXPOSED DRAGERS: Several rooms were merged to form one large family room. The roof beams are devoid of providing increased ceilings that fit better with the new space proportions. The kitchen is self-designed and produced by the architect’s father, Stein Haanshuus, at his workshop at Røros. Photo: Espen Grønli

The floor has grown bigger, not in square meters, but in cubic meters. Room expansion is not quantified in the housing prospect, but the feeling is clear enough. The room feels good to be in. Where it used to be dark and shut up, there is now light and air.

Too much air?

– No, I just wanted to create a large, open room that had direct contact with the floor above.

Aslak got the opportunity to build the ceiling and incorporate it into the existing home. The living space increased from 62 to 106 sqm. Nevertheless, he is left with fewer rooms than when he began rebuilding. I have actually made a four-bedroom apartment into a torrent, according to the architect.

It may not seem so beneficial to the paper. Who does not dream about an extra room?

Check roof beam staircase at Torshov

EXPOSED TEGL: Also a wall portion from the interior of the building is exposed. The almost hundred years old bricks are burned slightly differently, and therefore have the same rough character as the beams. The stove from Spartherm is in the kitchen bench so you have access to the flames almost wherever you are in the room. Photo: Espen Grønli

Not Aslak. For him, the feeling of romance prevails.

– If you want to shelter, there is still a room with a door that can be closed, besides the bathrooms then.

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Check roof beam staircase at Torshov

CONTACT BETWEEN ESTABLISHMENTS: A glass rack ensures that the contact is maintained between the floors without compromising security. On the floor there is a wall-to-wall carpet of sisal. Photo: Espen Grønli

Check roof beam staircase at Torshov

OPEN HEMS: The small staircase leads up to the bedroom and a sliding door wardrobe. The door to the left of the staircase leads into a guest room. Photo: Espen Grønli

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