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The houses seem to be stacked on top of each other.

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Hotel Inntel Zaandam

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Wallpaper shelves Norwegian architecture

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This house never needs paint or stain

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Here is Oslo’s coolest construction

The newly opened Hotel Inntel Zaandam is like a hildring.

The dreamlike construction works more than embarking on the range of sensational architecture and seductive hotels designed by prosperous architects.

It stands out among them.

Hope it creates joy

Can you talk about an architectural style?

Can you trust what your eyes tell you?

All houses in strong green colors are apparently stacked on top of each other in a forty meter high tower.

But this is not Legoland for adults.

Do not Las Vegas either.

We are in the former industrial area of ​​Zaandam, a quarter’s train ride from Amsterdam.

This is not the first time Dutch architectural offices break conventions.

– The best compliment I can get is to see people smile. I hope the building creates joy and enthusiasm, “says architect Wilfried van Winden. no

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BLUE CROSS: The blue house on the top right is inspired by a painting Claude Monet painted in 1871, just in the Zaandam area. Photo: WAM architects

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RESEARCH: From the entrance we look up in the tower. Photo: Hugo Feran

Check out this hotel

HISTORY ON THE WALL: The graphic design that characterizes the wall of the wall on some of the bedrooms is reminiscent of past times. Photo: WAM architects

Van Winden is the man behind the architect office WAM architecten, which has now become an internationally renowned name.

And the architect has got his wish fulfilled. The building both looks and excites. But not everyone is in the enthusiast choir.

– What kind of criticism hurts you the most?

– Fortunately, I’m not so easily hurt. You should always count on mixed reactions. The response from abroad has been overwhelmingly positive, while some criticisms from certain architectural circles have come in the Netherlands. They may say that the building looks like an “attraction”.

– Is it so negative?

– No, not really. The goal was to create a very special place, a place you do not forget after being there. Many hotels are unpretentious and could be anywhere in the world. This hotel could only be here.

Urban Typical Architecture

The hotel is part of an overall plan to create new architecture that refers either to traditional, local construction or to factory buildings that are also typical of this area.

– How did you get the idea to place houses on top of each other?

– To initiate some ideas, we collaborated with many houses from this area. Only then did we find that the collision itself could be the building itself.

– Do you think the building is beautiful?

– Well. Yes, I think so.

– Why does not it sound like you mean it?

Because we have been through the architectural studies, we have been taught to avoid such words. But making beautiful architecture is also a goal.

Unusual Challenges

The facade dressing seems to be made of wooden boards.

But this time you should not trust your eyes .

For maintenance purposes, one chose to dress the facade with customized eternity plates.

– What was the most challenging in the construction of the hotel?

– The building is a regular concrete structure, and not as complicated as it may seem. But it was quite complicated to lead away the rainwater caught by all the outings. The solution was to lay gutters on the back of the facade.

None of the houses in the building are exact copies of real houses, they are rather typologies.

In this collision there are both working class houses and upper class houses; The whole community is represented.

The four different green colors that characterize the façade are derived from the color scheme typical of Zaandam.

But at the top, strategically placed in one corner, there is a house that differs from the crowd:

The blue house is inspired by a painting Claude Monet painted in 1871, precisely in this area.


The inside of the hotel is also fresh. The style expression is varied and original, albeit not as amazing as the exterior.

The hotel has 160 rooms, and the cheapest double room starts at NOK 800.

The goal is to attract two main groups: business travelers and curious tourists.

In the summer there may be many from the last category.

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PROFILES. Several rooms are adorned by portraits of people who have lived in Zaandam. Photo: Hugo Feran

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