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Check out these Ikea news

Ikea has expanded the PS series with several new products.

Check out these Ikea news

In an ice cold dark basement room, in the Ikea Slepingen garage, Ikea today presented its new collection of the proprietary PS series.

The PS Series (“Post Scriptum”) is the Ikea design icon, the latest addition to the range. The wish of the PS collections is to give ordinary people the opportunity to purchase innovative design at an affordable price. First collection came in 1995.

Ikea’s employees were clearly proud of this year’s collection, which is the last since 2003.

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Check out these Ikea news

REQUEST SITE: Designer Marcus Arvonen admits that one has to be patient and motivated to screw the lamp he has designed. Photo: Elin Davidsen

As before, the furniture is inspired by Scandinavian nature; mushrooms, flowers and trees characterize the designer’s finished products.

Check out these Ikea news

These picnic tables can look like a stool. But do not be fooled. Photo: Ikea

You can now get a large pendant lamp designed by Marcus Arvonen.

– As you can see, I’m inspired by the dandelion. That was where I started when I was going to make the lamp. The challenge when designing for Ikea is that, in addition to the design, one must focus on price and how to pack the product, says Arvonen til Klik Bolig

As usual, the disadvantage is that you have to mount it yourself – and the 160 “blossoms” you put on the furthest.

– Then you should be motivated, says Arvonen with a smile.

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Functionality and clean lines are generally marked by the products we saw this time. The red chair “Brygga” has a very good seating comfort and at the same time a smart classic design.

You can also buy a private porch – with overlay – so you may throw a fabric over and feel 1001 night on your body.

Check out these Ikea news

This gorgeous chair can be sung on the porch. Photo: Ikea

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Siv Kerstin Bakke, journalist at Bonytt, has a clear favorite of the news – the bench “Rasken”. – This bench is incredibly beautiful and you can see that the designer has gained inspiration from Africa. In addition, I like the size. This can accommodate both in the hallway and on a small balcony, she says to Click Housing.

Check out these Ikea news

Combine solid pine with decadent and glamorous white leather and you’ll get a super cool bench. Photo: Ikea

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Check out these Ikea news

The designer behind the bench “Fast” retrieved inspiration from Africa. Photo: Ikea

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Check out these Ikea news

The designer behind Ikea PS Veranda would create a warm and safe place. Photo: Ikea


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