Check out these cool mini-houses

Closer housing conditions require smarter solutions. The mini houses are assembled from finished modules and are delivered complete on site.

Check out these cool mini-houses

There may be tight housing conditions in many places, and especially in big cities, many architects see new ways to build space-efficient homes on. Smart cottages and cabins have become incredibly popular, largely due to the incredibly practical and space-saving solutions, and not least the low cost of the models.

The trend of mini houses has revealed full bloom abroad, and especially in England, the United States and Canada. In Norway we follow, but to a lesser extent.

Mini Design House

The American architectural office Alchemy Architects is one of many companies specializing in this type of housing. Alchemy Architects manufactures prefabricated houses as they call the weehouse. WeeHouse a small and economical alternative to a traditional home. These prefabricated houses can be sent and fitted anywhere, and can be customized as needed and desired.

The properties are based on a concept of building blocks. Each block is a module, and these modules can be stacked or set side by side to create exactly the solutions that the customer wishes. Although it is meant to create small homes, the modules can be linked in different ways to create impressive and large homes. Regardless of the chosen size, Alchemy can make more customizations on the premises. Floors, siding, windows, fixtures, outdoor areas, and much more are entirely up to the customer.

– The red mini-house is 72 square meters and was built for approx. 1 006797 kr, all included, explains Sam Ryan from Alchemy Architects to click. no.

Check out these cool mini-houses

BUILDINGS: The mini houses are assembled by building blocks, giving the buyer infinite possibilities when it comes to size and shape. Photo: Alchemy architects

Check out these cool mini-houses

SPECIAL BUILDING: Using a cost-effective, standardized system, each mini-house is custom-built according to the customer’s wishes and plots. It is then shipped and put in place where it will stand. Photo: Alchemy architects

Mini-House in Norway?

Check out these cool mini-houses

This apartment can be folded

The concept of cottages and mini-homes is also popular here on land, but in another way. The smart solutions are usually transferred to apartments in the towns.

– Mini-house, or compact living is becoming more and more relevant here too in Norway, despite the fact that we initially have a lot of space. This is primarily the case for urban residents, says architect Johanne Taugbøl from the architect office Wood. no to click. no. Currently, we do not see a trend for mini houses like this, we have such a good economy in Norway that we usually want to build as much as possible within the rules that apply. However, this may be a trend among some groups, such as architects and designers, who often may be concerned with creating other solutions and investigating options other than usual. Such mini-homes require more good planning and smart solutions than larger houses because space is limited, and we see a lot of it; People who want help to create smart solutions in limited space.

Smart Small Space Solutions

Check out these cool mini-houses

INSPIRED BY HOUSES: This mini-house is one of the most popular models. It is 72 square meters in size and contains two bedrooms, bathroom, living room and Ikea kitchen. On the rooftop terrace there is a guest room. This house cost about. 1 006 797 kr. The architects were inspired by local cabins. Photo: Alchemy architects

Check out these cool mini-houses

TO MODULES: This mini house is made up of two modules, one horizontal and vertical. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is 111 square meters in size. Photo: Alchemy architects

Check out these cool mini-houses

TWO UNITS: The house consists of two units that are connected by a glass bridge with integrated patio. Large glass windows open up to the woods around. Photo: Alchemy architects

More want to stay in town, even in less space. It requires good space-saving solutions.

Check out these cool mini-houses

The tricks that trick everyone to believe you’ve got more space

– What we see a trend is that many want to stay in the city, even if they have had families, says Taugbøl. Many adapt their lives to the home and the dwelling of their lives. We believe we see increased use of architects and interior designers also in smaller apartments, to take advantage of space and create the best possible solutions within small frames. Many people have a dream of building their own homes, and as a substitute for this we see that many are building smaller apartments or expanding their apartments as an alternative to building a detached house outside the city. We have many projects that concern expansion either down the underlying cellar floor or up to the overhead ceiling because people want to stay.

Most of these homes are relatively small and require good planning, the architect continues. In these apartments, people get special solutions that meet their needs and wishes, allowing them to stay in the small houses. So something similar can be said that we look in relation to areas, but not to a particular extent when it comes to detached houses, then it is common to build as much as possible.

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Check out these cool mini-houses

COMPLETE: This mini-house is the first of several to be set up in this remote desert area. The module came complete with an outdoor shed and finished furnishings. From the large platform they have a great view of the special landscape. Photo: Alchemy architects

Check out these cool mini-houses

OPEN SOLUTION: This 73 square meter mini-house has an open living room and kitchen with a glass partition. It is located idyllically to the waters edge of a large lake. Photo: Alchemy architects

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