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The architectural sea villa has an optimal location with the sea as an empty and fixed street address.

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For Mikael Ahlm, the villa on the water is the best of two worlds, it lies idyllically in the archipelago and the sea is short to Stockholm city. An optimal location for one who is looking for the smell of sea and complete relaxation but with city life within reach.

History started three years ago. The job as a pilot for Norwegian involves a lot of travel, and Michael was gladly gone for several days at a time. He was therefore looking for a home where he could find a quiet contrast to a hectic job.

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LIGHT INNOVATION: The sea villa is furnished with Scandinavian and Italian design. Dining table Table ceramics from Italian design B, and sofa from Danish Eilersen. Photo: Annika Lundvall

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VIEW: The sofa is located so that the resident has a view to the fireplace and the sea. The glass surfaces are changing landscape images summer and winter. Fireplace from German Spartherm. The chair in the corner is Lamini, designed by Yngve Ekstrøm in 1956. Lamp Tolomeo from Artemide. Photo: Annika Lundvall

The archipelago that Mikael still observes from the air is appealing and why not find a plot there? A thought leak for most, but Michael realized the dream and found the sea space of 117 square meters, just as big as the base of the villa.. With two floors and a roof terrace there is more than enough space and the decor is comfortable.

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Timeless: Inevitable clock from Italian Morphos. White sofa from Eilersen. Photo: Annika Lundvall

– The villa is architect-designed and I was there right from the start so that the accommodation was adapted to my needs. The floor-to-ceiling windows give maximum daylight, while I feel the feeling of being out when I’m in. The plot is excellent, living closer to the sea is impossible.

Just outside the front door is the boat ready for a trip in the archipelago or into the city.

– It’s much faster to take the sea to Stockholm than to use the car. From I start the boat and until I’m on, it takes about ten minutes, says Mikael.

For Mikael it’s waking up to the scarecrow, pushing the glass doors aside and pulling the smell of sea still almost a dream state. But reality is right outside.

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KITCHEN: The oak decor is from Ballinglöv with Silestone countertops. The kitchen is separated from the living room with a wall, but the rooms are still connected with opening on each side. Photo: Annika Lundvall

After the sea breeze has awakened him, it’s time for a morning bath before breakfast is enjoyed on the deck next to the front door, that’s where the morning sun warms.

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BREAKFAST: Just outside is the dining area in the open. Photo: Annika Lundvall

This is the picture of a summer day at its best, but how is it when the wind grabs the house horns and the surroundings are stormy?

– The house is completely quiet, it does not swing like a boat. The sea villa is well moored to the pier, and the house itself is built on a large concrete platform of ten times twelve meters.

Inside is the home decorated with Italian design decorated by Norwegian classics. Bright colors and interior that harmonize with the peace the pilot searches for several days in the air.

Meet the architect

Civil Engineer Carl Engblom in the RapidEye Architectural Office believes we will see more floating houses in the future.

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UPPER: The stairs go up to the two bedrooms and the bathroom on the second floor. Photo: Annika Lundvall

– The water is almost an unlimited resource. In big cities by sea or water and where it’s cramped about space, this is a unique opportunity. But there is still little knowledge in the Nordic region about this form of living.

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WHITE DREAM: around the house there is more seating. The sliding glass doors open between the outside and the inside. Photo: Annika Lundvall

What was the biggest challenge with the project?

– It was finding the right balance in the building. And then I mean balance, in the literal sense. Because when you plan a building on water you can not do as you please. The plan solution is to a greater extent ruled out by the weight of the different rooms. Heavy rooms can not be laid in a row. In this case, I had close dialogue with residents about his wishes.

Has a house or boat been built?

– The villa is regarded as a country-house, it is firmly anchored to land. It is associated with water and sewage, such as the other homes in the area, and has its own street address.

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BEDROOMS: The windows are positioned so that there is a view from the bed. The work table is located under the windows. Photo: Annika Lundvall

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The boat is moored outside the front door, and it takes only ten minutes to Stockholm city. The roof terrace is 80 square meters. Photo: Annika Lundvall


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