Loved in 60’s

60’s house Helle Paulson. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig Newly New Who? Helle Paulson (40), cohabitant and two children of 4 and…

The best thing given to Finn

See what we found when we let go of the give-away things online. What is given on the web is…

This was an old drying loft

Check out the cool apartment. INTRODUCTION: Solid shelves are laid straight on the floor and are nice

– The garden must be non-toxic, informal and lush

Get the cottage garden style. ENTUSTIAST:

These interior designers should be chosen

Bonytt guides you to good interior designers across the country. Looking for architect? If you are thinking

The coolest nightstand lamps

Leave the reading lamp by the bed to be part of the interior. It’s not always easy to find the…

The house in Ski was rescued by an extension

The airy steel staircase and the sky-high extension opened the Art Nouveau building. The builder, furniture dealer Robert Tandberg, would…

Decorated with finds from the shore

Do as the Thorstensen family in Leirsund. Create summer mood inside with driftwood. Gray is the new trend color Stay…

The interior accounts you should follow on Instagram

Here the interiorists get their daily inspiration. On days when you lack inspiration on the interior or just want to…

– People come from far and near to get a bit of this

Christmas Market 2015 at Aur PrestegÄrd. Christmas Market at Aur PrestegÄrd WHO: Skauen husfidslag. WHAT:

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