Smart tips for affordable decor

These fun tips change your apartment for a cheap money. Photo: Mikkel Adsbøl Photo:

Now the timber will enter the house

The log carpet is the most trendy in the interior right now. PAGE TABLE: A slice of wood attached to…

Do you struggle with echoes and too much space?

Check these seven tips to share large rooms. Most people who live or have lived in a few squares know…

Ana finds the furniture on the street

Reuse has long been popular, but some go more drastically than others. – I do not really need anything anymore.…

This chair can withstand most of it

It has been a prestige to find out how much the world’s most robust chair can withstand. EVIG

We like these interior stores best

Boligredaktionen has voted its favorites among interior stores online, right now. BARNEVENNLIG:

Find the white color that fits

Interior designer Marianne Hafskjold lives exciting with the absence of colors. WHITE

Nightstand and bookcase in one

Make the shelf along the entire bed or as a short bedside table. Previously, we have written about how to…

We have voted Norway’s coolest interior stores

See where they are and why we dig them. VINTAGE:

Smart to paint everything in the apartment white

White paint and new furniture created rooms in the small apartment PLANTING

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