Home economics

This will allow you to keep the stove warm

Fire in the fireplace warms well in the winter cold. Here’s how to choose the right one. How to light…

Here is the country’s most expensive cabins

Sirdal municipality outside Stavanger had the highest square meter price last year. The annual analysis of the cabin

May be more expensive to shower in the morning

New power meters and new control systems. Even in the next year you may have to take your daily shower…

Rent housing now

But if you’re away from August month and the hippest areas you can get an ok price. Gas heaters The…

This does not cover housing insurance

They must occur suddenly to cover. You may think that home insurance covers most of what can happen to your…

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

Should you sell your home now, you may want to spend some time and effort in interior and presentation. SHOP:

You should do this today

You can save thousands of dollars on exchanging electricity contracts. To switch power provider Find the latest bill of electricity…

These are the services we buy help

Before we were able to do it ourselves, now we buy help, gardening and commissioning. FIX THE MOST:

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

Swedish real estate agent goes new ways to find buyers. BACKGROUND: Tomas Backman is the founder of the brokerage firm…

– Then we go Knut, because here I can not live

Marketing director Gorm Kun√łe believes women decide on housing sales. Here are the expert advice for you to sell. MARKETING

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