Look, a cool caravan

Finally a caravan you can be seen with. Special shapes inside

Here is Copenhagen’s coolest roof terrace

In a densely populated district of Copenhagen, architects have created a gathering space on the roof with a garden and…

The roughest cabin you’ve seen

The heavenly cabin opens totally towards the sea and extends to the light. 100 years old house became black painted…

This is essential for book quality

Housing with a lot of light and good ceilings There are several factors that determine book quality. The number of…

The lid hangs closest to the loose air

Here you can take a break in spectacular architecture How to clean the patio after the summer’s nutmeg This house…

This beautiful house was really a barn

The old weathered exterior walls have been used as a panel indoors. INTRODUCTION:

See the coolest finishes

We’ve found out the finest skills for you and give you tips on where to find them. The house

Check the location of the Kragerø cabin

The cabin has been adapted to the terrain and weather conditions in the archipelago. It is not uncommon for architects…

Here you have the dream house

Casa Spodsbjerg at Langeland is two super-delicious boxes stacked on each other. The modern 240 sqm mansion with the extremely…

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