Catch with the landscape

The long, sleek cabin is elegantly escaped in the coastal area. With few walking areas and an effective floor plan, summer life is easy and the road to nature is short.

Catch with the landscape

Catch with the landscape

Photo: Kim Müller

Architect’s description

– The building is very exposed to a free area. Therefore, it was a point for me to process the property so that it slides naturally and subtly into the vulnerable environment. The marked tug in the mountain area provided guidance for the orientation of the building body towards the sea, and the structure partly over two floors, several levels and two wings. The cabin replaced a post-war cabin and takes up all the directions of the municipality regarding facade lengths, roof angles, materials, colors, and the like. “It is a balancing opportunity to scale recreational housing so that it does not seem too intrusive in a vulnerable coastal area. And it’s far from always possible to do the same as here – combining a huge view with sheltered patios, says architect Preben A. Holst in P.A. Holst Architects.

The cottage of approx. 100 sqm consists of two wings, one with lower floor. It is very open to a free area and has a form that does not dominate the surroundings. It was also important to give the owners shelter for the wind on sun-lined patio areas and the most views from the top of the elongated mountain crab.

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In close cooperation with the owner, I would draw a summer place that slipped into nature and vegetation, says architect MNAL Preben A. Holst.

Cottage in the terrain

The plot is located in a rugged coastal landscape with a lot of mountains. The cabin is laid where there is a sewer in the mountain, and the architect therefore chose to draw the cabin partially over two floors, with different heights and escalations that follow the terrain. This location led to one wing facing south-east, with a practical lower floor and a sheltered outside room.

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At the end of the hall that shares the cabin across, it opens a beautiful panorama towards the sea. To the right of the corridor is the wing with a living room and kitchen, while the elongated wing with three bedrooms and the accompanying whirlpool is on the left, towards the dense forest right behind the cabin. On the lower floor are two bedrooms and a technical room.

Airy solution

– The owner wanted efficient land use in a compact and rationally designed cabin – therefore most rooms are easily accessible from nature. Otherwise, the house has a minimum of walking area. It was also important that the roof structure emphasized the airiness in the large room with living room and kitchen, and did not counteract the openness.

In order to achieve this, heavy barriers with intermediate struts are installed that hold it all together. Explosion and cutting of trees is avoided to the greatest extent possible. All facades are dry with slate (Oppdal), while the roof is covered with slate from Alta – light, durable and traditional stones. The outside garment of untreated osp will gray and become almost silver colored over time.

Granting Exterior

– I always tell builders that the grazing may vary from place to place, depending on the exposure, says Preben Holst. All fittings of roofs, pipes and gutters are made of pre-polished zinc, a material with a dimmed tone that fits a maritime natural environment.

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