Case in the way with one hand

If you have used a sabelsag, you probably know that it is a versatile but unmanageable case. Use this case with one hand.

Case in the way with one hand

Milwaukee Sabelsagen is new to the market.

The machine has 13mm stroke length, 3000 rpm and variable speed and a quick-lock system that makes it easy to swap pages without the need for a key.

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The manufacturer states that 80 pcs of 50 mm PVC pipes should be cut on one charge. The machine also has a built-in LED light that illuminates the workpiece and a battery indicator that shows the remaining battery life.

– This looks like a real all-purpose tool, it’s exciting to test stability with respect to single-handed use and if it’s a good cut, “says Per Christian Mathiesen, Clicking Residential Expert.

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C 12 HZ sabelsag comes with 2 pieces. 12 V Lithium-Ion batteries, a 30-minute charger, two hackzall leaves and a briefcase. The price is approx. NOK 1750.

Learn more about Tester, Tools, and Refurbishment on Click Properties.

Click Housing will test the case in the near future.

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