Can you guess how much the greenhouse costs?

An exclusive greenhouse.

Can you guess how much the greenhouse costs?

Greenhouses are popular in Norwegian gardens. This makes the work easier and facilitates the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

You do not even need green fingers to succeed.

Swedish Bosson sells this extravagant version, which may be said to be some price ranges over what one normally expects to pay for a greenhouse.

The high Viktoria house is made of steel.

– $ 700,000 is a lot of money. But given that it is a house weighing 13,000 kilograms, it has about 100 insulation glass and is created so unique it’s definitely worth the money, says Christian Bosson, who is the general manager of the company.

Installation will be

Bosson manufactures each house individually. This house is usually supplied with covered roofs. If it is to be used as a greenhouse, it should be ordered with a glass roof and ventilation hatch.

Can you guess how much the greenhouse costs?

LONG: The Victoria House weighs 13,000 kilos and has about 100 insulation glass. Photo: PHOTO. Bossons

Mounting is available for the price, please provide it.

– What makes the house especially is the height and its unique character. Being able to move into the Viktoria house in the summer takes the garden life to a new dimension. Here you can interact with friends and family in a wonderful environment where the generous space gives it a little extra, says Bosson.

He says that they have delivered more than 100 houses in steel, to customers across Scandinavia over the last ten years. Classical models are most popular.

– Choose something solid

Marianne E. Utengen, gardener in the Norwegian Gardening Company, emphasizes that cheaper alternatives are available if you want to adorn the garden with a greenhouse.

– You get a good deal for well under $ 700,000! But my experience is that one should not choose the cheapest, she says.

– The aluminum profiles and plates become too thin, and it is unsuitable here where we have snow. If you live anxiously, you should invest in an even more solid model.

Spatiality in the garden and wallet decides

Tonje Waaktaar Gamst, editor of the company’s magazine Norsk Hagetidend, sees greenhouses has become noticeably more popular in Norway in recent years.

The article continues underneath the image.

Can you guess how much the greenhouse costs?

ALTERNATIVE ?: Gabriel Ash’s Plant House 10 comes with double doors, windows and airing throughout the length of the house. The greenhouse is mounted on a foundation wall of brick or stone as well as cedar wood Insulating properties provide a stable climate greenhouse. Kr 75 500, from Photo: Producer

– The advantage is first and foremost longer season and higher temperature. This allows us to grow more exotic and heat-consuming crops that would otherwise not be clear and had not finished harvesting. For example, eggplant, figs, lemons or the two classic; cucumber and tomato, says Utengen.

The example above, from Gabriel Ash, costs about one tenth of the Victoria House. But greenhouses need not cost more than a couple of thousand dollars, and it’s also quite possible to build a self.

What kind of greenhouse that suits you depends simply on what you want to use it.

Gaming agrees with Bosson that greenhouses not only need to be a place of residence for plants.

– Here is the space in the garden and the spaciousness of the wallet that is essential. Norwegians love to be out, but the weather does not always make it possible for our spring and summer blossoms to be lived in full moon. In light of rain and sour wind, a modest greenhouse, with good chairs, a candelabra and something good in the glass, can be the cleanest orangery, she says.

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