Can you do the olive oil tricks?

Oil hinges? Removing stickers? Or polish the wooden house? Then you only need this one.

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

More and more of us have become more concerned with both the environment and health, not only when it comes to the food we put in us and the number of training hours we lay down, but also what products we use on the body and also around us in our homes. Many have discovered that, for example, food items such as baking soda, salt and vinegar are often used to clean, and experts are quick to warn about the dangers of using cleaning products containing bactericidal agents.

Others have left that good old-fashioned toothpaste can be used for so many – simply not only able to take care of perleraden. Or what about dropping the Cola as a dry drink and pouring it to make the joints in the bathroom white and yummy again?

But did you know that also olive oil can have many uses so clean apart from being indispensable in the salad?

Miracle Oil

Oils have been hailed as a gift from the gods about the time of the day. And that’s probably not a coincidence, because here’s a product that really knows how to make use of it. According to the American online newspaper Huffington Post, there are many unique ways to use just olive oil:

1. Remove paint from your hands

When your hands (or toddlers) are covered in paint – or any other sticky that is hard to remove – try this: Scrub with olive oil and a little salt or sugar. The paint does not just come off, but as a bonus the hands have become soft and exfoliated.

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

REMOTE PAINTING: Try some olive oil the next time you have painted the walls at home. Photo: Colorbox

2. Removes makeup

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

How to add solid-solid self

If you thought you needed to put large amounts of eye-remover remover from the perfume, yes, according to Huffington Post, you take shameful mistakes. It’s nice with some olive oil. Drip some drops on a cotton pad, and both mascara, eye shadow and any color you have put on your eyebrows – including waterproof mascara – will get into a sweep.

3. Cleans and polishes wooden furniture

Drop expensive special products if it’s the wooden beads that need a refreshment and polishing. Again, olive oil is your best friend. Mix a teaspoon of oil into a small bowl of lemon juice and you have blended together a non-toxic and completely natural liquid that also gently cleans wood surfaces.

4. Shoe Shine

Although not everybody is as close to the shoe every day, most people find pussefille and shoe strap when it’s the pencils that are going on. But what is it that makes you often get headaches just by the smell? Well, according to the website, it will be all the poisonous ingredients that are put in the shoelace for it to do their job and make your shoes shine. But did you know that some olive oil on a soft cloth could make the same benefit?

5. Hinge Lubrication

Smashing door hinges can be annoying. The problem is to handle 1-2-3 with a little olive or other cooking oil. Apply on a cotton swab and rub over the hinge, or fill some oil on a small spray bottle to oil the hinges so that all the creaking sounds disappear.

6. Stainless Steel Pads

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

SMOKING FAIRS: The few people know that you can even remove the eye’s milk just by using a few drops of olive oil. Photo: Trine Jensen

Olive oil will make stainless steel surfaces shiny glossy once again. Just be sure to wipe off all excess oil after you have brushed and allow the surface to dry properly before letting someone touch or touch the steel.

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

You’ve heard about the toothpick trimmer?

7. Removing stickers

Do not worry if the little ones have decked both walls and tables with stickers. Rub an oil-damped cotton swab or cloth over the sticker, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and the sticker will easily peel off without leaving any irritating glue residue.

8. Gives chewing gum away from the hair

When vesla comes home with her hair full of pink hubba bubba, you do not have to find the scissors right away. Try this trick: rub olive oil into the chewing gum and the hair it is stuck in. Leave to sit for 5-10 minutes and gently pull the chewing gum out of the hair.

9. Moist and care for leather and leather

In the same way as olive or other cooking oils will moisten and wear shoes of leather and leather, the oil will do the same for other leather products including leather furniture and leather seats. According to Huffington Post, cooking oils take a little longer before they have penetrated all the skin and moistened it, but with a little patience, the natural product will do a least as good job as more expensive – and more chemical – specialty products.

Environmentally friendly panacea

Food oil is a non-toxic panacea, and most of us have at least one variant in the kitchen cabinet. But if you thought all of these oils are good enough to give the salad a taste or to cook the fish cakes, yes, you’re wrong.

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

GOOD AS NEW: A little bit of cooking oil on your wooden appliances, sometimes then they are new again. Photo: Trine Jensen

Vegetable and vegetable oils, such as olives, sunflower and rapeseed, dissolve dirt, reduce scratches and mistakes, add moisture and saturate matte surfaces and colors, explains Nini Hæggernes, owner and founder of Mojo magazine, to Klik Bolig.

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

Tab to wash parquet

– All types of cooking oil can be used, but by all means; Use the reasonable cooking oil, not the more expensive cold-pressed or virgin oil, as the nutrients in them do not affect the result.

The hedges, who founded Mojo magazine as an independent concept to gather and promote environmentally friendly, green, healthy and ethical lifestyle and consumption, also have some tips on what to do with olive or other cooking oils.

– Most of us have some wooden tools in the kitchen tray, which are often used daily, explains Hæggernes.

– After washing and drying these, you can rub them with oil once and let dry. The tools will look like new ones.

To polish wooden furniture think the environmental expert also olive oil is perfectly suitable for.

– Make your own furniture polish by mixing two cups of olive oil or other vegetable oil, with the juice of a lemon, and work it into the tree with a soft cloth, explains Hæggernes.

– To smooth out scratches in light wood, rub the tree with a solution of equal parts of vegetable oil and lemon juice. Do you use ethereal lemon oil, or other fragrance you like, instead of fresh lemon, the polish has longer shelf life.

Can be used as a furniture pads

And there are several who agree that a spicy olive oil simply does not just work like salad dressing. According to the newspaper Examiner, you can also use it to brush and polish wooden furniture.

– Wood furniture will be new again if you polish with a good olive oil, explains the newspaper’s online version.

But it’s important to remember to remove all excess oil from the floors pointing the site.

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

See how the yellow pine tree becomes new

– Some oil will, as the tree saturates, not sink down, and it is important to use a cloth to remove afterwards.

When it comes to treating wood furniture, Sissel Bjørge at the Norwegian Wood Institute has previously explained to Click Housing that this kind of oil will naturally pull into woodwork and help lubricate and moisturize the tree and also “smooth” out any scratches.

– For smaller furniture and details, the method will work well, explains Bjørge.

– But for major maintenance work, you may want to go to the retail store where you will get special products that have a more careful composition of different oils and waxes..

Drop expensive specialty products, olive oil does the job

Where many experts recommend different specialty oils for use when you are going to the oil flooring, there are also many who argue that the job can be done both cheaper and easier by using oils you are most likely to have in the kitchen cabinet.

The Dabblist blog explains how good old-fashioned olive oil can be used to oil and polish the floors at home.

– I have oiled the floors for a long time with this mix and the result is great, explains the blogger Becca, who writes a blog full of clever tips for cleaning and living at home.

– The combination of olive oil and almond vinegar makes wonders for your wooden floor. And if you mix some lemon oil – or any other oil you like the smell of – your floors will look as good as they look like.

To create your own wood oil:

1/4 cup (American Measurement Unit) Olive Oil – Use the cheapest you find

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

OLIVEN OIL: Use the cheapest oil you can find for this job. Photo:

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

MIX SELV: A hot water bottle in the oil before the dough starts to brush. Photo:

1/3 cup of regular mateddik

12 drops lemon oil

5 cups of hot water

First mix oil and vinegar into a bowl. So have a warm water and finally drip into the lemon oil. Mix everything, find an old cloth and polish your floor. Remember to wipe up any excess oil after you finish so that it does not lie on the surface.

Can be used but not recommended over time

Morten Damm at Norsk Treteknisk Institutt has heard about the method of oiling wood flooring with cooking oil, such as olive oil, and certainly believes that the method may be useful, but is skeptical to recommend this as a treatment of the floor over time.

– I definitely believe that olive oil can both be used and have a certain effect, Dam explains to Click Housing.

– But if the method is as functional and efficient over time, I’d probably investigate a little more carefully before I started using it.. There are many special products available on the market, which are more or less suitable – if not better – for the treatment of wood floors.

Damm has not tested the method personally.

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

SKINNENDE OG FLOTT: When you add oil to the floor, you will see the shine again. Photo:

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

GNI INN: Spread the olive oil beyond your floor, making sure you dry up excess oil. Photo:

– I have only tried to treat some olives with olive oil, and it was a good result, explains the expert..

– But to a whole floor I might have chosen something else.

This can also be done with olive oil


Do you have to paint with oil-based paint? Before painting, brush the skin with vegetable oil, this prevents the paint from pulling and sticking to the skin.. Should you paint for many hours, apply more oil eventually. When done, rub with vegetable oil, then wash thoroughly with any dish soap. Effective and non-toxic.

Bamboo and wicker furniture

To prevent the basket and bamboo products from drying, dull or crack, apply cooking oil with a paint brush or gently rub it with a cloth. Rinse with a dry cloth.


Matt slate becomes new with a mix of cooking oil. Wash off, allow to dry and butter in cooking oil. Wipe dry with a dry cloth to remove excess oil.

Keep paint costs

If you use oil-based paint, instead of Whitespirit, use some plain cooking oil to remove paint from the brush, do not matter if the oil has expired. Rub some cooking oil well into the brush to dissolve the oil spill (oil always dissolves oil), then rub the brush with a fat-soluble dish soap before rinsing it well in lukewarm water.

To clean the dirty places in the house

To remove nasty stains on the headboard

To clean the refrigerator 1-2-3

Can you do the olive oil tricks?

MULTI TUNER: You can do more with your olive oil than just roast chicken or drip over the salad. Photo: Trine Jensen


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