Can you build a garage one meter away from the neighbor?

New, simplified building rules from 1 July.

Can you build a garage one meter away from the neighbor?

The new building rules, which come into force on July 1, 2015, will make it easier to set up small buildings on their property.

But how much have you really received your changes?

The new rules imply that you can, for example, build a garage, outbuilding and balcony without applying for a building permit first.

But beware: there are several things you need to check before you get started.

More responsibility for the owner

Area plans such as regulation plan, municipal plan and building plan, material rules in the Planning and Building Act and building engineering regulations, for example.

– With more freedom, there is also more responsibility: before building, you must find out what, where and how much you are allowed to build on your property. You are also responsible for the fact that the garage or garden is in line with the municipality’s area plans for the area and planning and building legislation, emphasizes Gro Maren Mogstad Karlsen, Communications Director at the Directorate of Construction Quality (Dibk).

Avoid neighboring region

The new rules also loosen the need for neighboring intelligence, which could potentially lay the foundation for more neighboring roles.

Karlsen therefore recommends thinking.

– Even if you do not have to send out a neighbor alert if you do not have to search, it is advisable to inform the neighbor about the building. Remember that you probably will be neighbors for a long time and that most neighbors think it’s nice to be informed in advance, “she says.

Remember that the neighboring act still applies.

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