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Cabins for under the million

There is not much sea you get for less than 1 million.

Cabins for under the million

Cabins for under the million

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Cabins for under the million

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Cabins for under the million

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Cabins for under the million

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Cabin prices increased by 7 per cent in 2009. There is no indication that cottage prices will fluctuate significantly in the future, according to brokers click. no have talked to. Interest in cabins is increasing.

– We had 16 percent more users under “holiday home for sale” in 2009 than the year before, Lars Vangen Jordet said in Finn. no in a press release earlier this month.

The council of Torbjørn Eek in Eff (Eiendomsmæglerforetagenes Forening) was that buying a cabin should be suitable and that cabins are not likely to be cheaper.

Not really by the sea

With summer in the morning, maybe more dream about a cabin by the sea.

We have chosen to see what cabins you get at the sea for less than 1 million kroner.

You can not expect to have a cottage with its own plot right by the sea in this price range.

The closest you come to is an apartment with a rental obligation.

Should you have your own cabin and empty for 1 million, you’ll need to go further away from the sea. Certainly, it’s only a fjord.

– “By the sea” is a definition question, “says broker Hans Magnus Semb. “Is it 5 minutes to drive to the sea, you can get a cabin under 1 million,” he says.

– Beyond the archipelago you will find nothing at this price, says Semb. “Then you get up to 3 million and a common brew,” says the broker to click. no.


But marine life is not completely unattainable anyway.

– What you can get is an apartment with a rental obligation, “says Semb. “Then you get the price quite drastically,” he says.

Broker Anders M. Bastholm agrees that there is not much to get for 1 million or less by the sea.

– There are limitations in size and location, he says to click. no. “There’s no way to the door,” he adds.

Our Search

Click. no has seen the market for cabins by the sea along the coast from Oslo to Ryfylke.

In our search for Finn, we remembered for “by the sea” and cabins up to 1 million kroner.

Below we show a selection of what we found for sale.


Cabins for under the million

Cottage on Jeløy outside Moss. Photo: Faksimile from Finn.com

On Jeløy outside Moss, there is a single yellow-sized cottage of 30 square meters with one bedroom for 600. 000. The cottage also has an annex. There is a walkway with a short distance to the sea, it says in the advertisement.


In Portør at Kragerø you can buy an apartment by the sea to 650. 000 kroner. The apartment is 30 square meters and has one bedroom.

In the advertisement, the broker writes that there is a panoramic view of the sea from the apartment.

The downside here is the rental obligation.


Cabins for under the million

Apartment at Portør. Photo: Helge Ørvik

In Ryfylke, on Nevøy, a cottage of 54 square meters is sold, with two bedrooms, for 650. 000 kroner.

Cabins for under the million

Cabin on Nøyøy in Ryfylke. Photo: Anders Michael Bastholm

The cabin is within the LNF area, which implies major restrictions on expansion and changes in building mass. The cottage is in a cottage area with shared beach and pier.

Access is by boat.

On Rennesøy in Østhusvik you can buy a small red cottage on the shaded plot with three bedrooms for 890. 000 kroner.

According to the prospect, there is a view to the sea from the plot.


In Svelvik, outside Drammen, is a cabin of 28 square meters with two bedrooms for kind of for 690. 000 kroner.

The cottage is located on Høien, above Krok. The cottage is close to the beach and Svelvik center.

Cabins for under the million

Cottage in Svelvik with fjordgloyttet. Photo: Faksimile from Finn.com


Just outside Tvedestrand center is a property for sale for 980. 000. It is not residential for the house and can thus be used as a holiday home.

The residence was refurbished in 2006.

The small white house follows a private boatyard at Østerå Marina.

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Cabins for under the million

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