Cabin for 300,000

The 35-square-foot cabin must be attainable to everyone, says the architect.

Cabin for 300,000

Cabin for 300,000

ALL OF 35 KVM: Woody 35 is compact and designed for a family to be able to vacation in a small space. This cabin is dressed with untreated malmfuru. Photo: Ivan Brodey

Cabin for 300,000

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Cabin for 300,000

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Cabin for 300,000

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Cabin for 300,000

Small-scale Small-Price

Marianne Borge in mbk’s architects has designed the Woody 35 cabin.

It is designed as a compact cabin with living room, kitchen and bedroom integrated into 35 square meters of building material.

The plan solution is a family room with living room, kitchen, and bedroom behind the fireplace (hidden by a sliding door). The ceiling height in the living room is at the highest four meters, so above the fireplace there is plenty of room for a sleeping loft.

Hytte you look at the pictures, Borge has drawn a carpenter she knows.

Now she is relying on serial production of the cabin.

– I am in dialogue with various massive producers and they are very positive, says the architect who expects the cabin to be in series production from next year.

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Self assembly

The idea is that the cabin should come flat-packed in items ready to be installed on-site.

– Then there is space for windows and the cabin must eventually be dressed on the outside, says Borge.

The cottage on the pictures is dressed with untreated oatmeal.

The cabin can be located both at the sea, in the woods and in the mountains, and it is advisable to choose clothing from the location, says the architect.

Designed Decor

The interior of the cabin is also designed by architect Marianne Borge.

The cabin is made of solid wood and the interior is already in place. Here you will also be able to choose from the most carousel options like pine and spruce, and ash, which is a more expensive wood.

The new hut

The architect can not yet say for sure what the cabin will cost, finished, but she has clear ambitions that Woody 35 will be possible to buy “for all”.

– The idea is that it will be the new people’s hut, says the architect, and specifically mentions small children’s families.

– Everybody should be able to buy this cabin.

If you choose a plot outside the popular huts, the project does not need to be expensive, says the architect.

What price can you estimate?

– I see that the roughhouse should cost less than 300. 000 kroner, says the architect.

The building is walls, ceilings and floors, without a fireplace, windows and interior.

The price of the cabin will depend on demand, so if this becomes popular, the price will of course decrease further, says Borge.


Gunn-Helen Øye, Trend Researcher in Analysis & Strategy, believes Marianne Borge is focusing on the right product at the right time.

– It’s the cheapest cabs being sold now, she says. no.

– I think the architect is looking for a market that has not had a real deal before, namely the small children’s families, those between the ages of 35 and 40, says Øye enthusiastically.

She compares Woody 35 with Ikea and Skanska’s Bo wise project.

– If the architect gets a mass production it’s exciting.

– When the costs can reach less than 1 million including land, she is a long way, says trend researcher and housing expert.

We are more and more appreciated in our own country, showing trends, and values ​​such as economy and sustainability are in the Norwegian population, says Øye.

It would have been fun if the architect had started production of the cottage while planning development plans with the manufacturer, concludes Øye as an invitation to architect Marianne Borge.

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