Built the house into an old church

From being an old god’s house, the 30’s church was converted into a residential building.

Built the house into an old church

Built the house into an old church

Paste the new bathroom beyond the old

Built the house into an old church

Ups, we refurbished the kitchen

Built the house into an old church

This is the same house

Built the house into an old church

Finding the perfect white color

Someone buys a regular home building and pisses on this while others buy an industrial or bakery and convert it into a home. Others again choose to pull the transformation even further and buy a church and build a new home inside the church room. That’s what the Dutch family did when they bought an old church in Rotterdam.

The architectural architect Ruud Visser Architects was commissioned to draw the family’s new residence.

When we received the assignment from the homeowner, the old church served as a garage and was almost completely covered with metal plates. It looked like a hangar. The new owner wanted to transform the church into a family house of four, “explains architect Ruud Visser. no.

Built the house into an old church

LIST: One of the grips the architect did was to open up to the river, so that amounts of light were released. Photo: René de Wit


Built the house into an old church

KATEDRAL: The converted church is located like a cathedral by the river bank. Photo: René de Wit

According to Ruud Visser, the concept was to build the house inside the church and restore the original facade of the church as best as possible.

– The original church had no monumental value. The front side had a potential beauty, while the backside was closed and had a sloppy look, says Visser. “What we wanted was therefore to open up the backside towards the landscape while we wanted to show off the beautiful inside. That way, we created a new, attractive facade, so the church became a landmark as it had not been before.

Living in the Church

Built the house into an old church

LANDEMERKE: The converted church has become a landmark by the river De Rotte that flows through Rotterdam. Photo: René de Wit

Instead of rebuilding the church, let the structures stand and build the new dwelling inside the church room.

In this way, you can actually walk around the house while walking around the church, “the architect Dazeen writes about the project.

Preserved church room

But a large church room did not fill the whole of the new home, so why did any of the original be standing.

Built the house into an old church

RESIDENCE IN CHURCH: Instead of rebuilding the church, the new dwelling was placed inside the large church room. Photo: René de Wit

“The last part of the church, the transverse ship, was kept open. This was also the seat of the pulpit. The whole room got light from the original stained-glass windows, “Dezeen writes.

From transverse to private zone

The converted church is located on the banks of the River De Rotte, and the cross-section, which is the part facing down to the river, was opened up at the same time as it was held intact. It created a buffer against the public space outside.

Meeting between holy and everyday life

Built the house into an old church

DIMENSIONS: There are hardly many homes that can present such a ceiling height. Photo: René de Wit

One of the distinctive characteristics of a church is the high velvet in the church room, which creates a large volume. This church, originally built in wood, according to the architect, had a volume that could accommodate six common houses.

– We could just blow up an average family residence six times, or we could make a house with twenty rooms. But that was not our goal, explains Ruud Visser, describing that the decisive design was the space between the original church and the house.

– In this room you will have a meeting between holy and everyday life.

Built the house into an old church

TVERRSKIPET: The cross-ship was kept intact while opening up to the river, thus creating a buffer between the public space outside and the newly built part. Photo: René de Wit

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Built the house into an old church

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Built the house into an old church

SAKRAL EVERYDAY: The old church room is held intact, and thus it meets the sacred everyday. Photo: René de Wit


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