Built the garden into the house

The architect was based on a mathematical phenomenon.

Celluloid Jam House is one of the projects of Japanese architect Norisada Maeda.

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Mathematics in the Model

The house is made after the inspiration of a Möbius band. The principle of a Möbius band is that it hangs together so that you can take your finger all around, inside and out without lifting your finger.

You can create a Möbius ribbon by creating a long paper jam, twist one end half a turn, and glue the ends (see drawing on Wikipedia).

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Built the garden into the house

An example of Möbius tape. Photo: Toshihiro Sobajima

The inspiration of the design of the rooms and the garden is made by cutting, opening and bending the ribbon. Still, the structure hangs like a piece.

This image has brought the architect with him in the design of the real house.

The surface of the house is designed to have the same function as the Möbius band.

You can put your finger on the surface of the house and drag it around the entire house from exterior to interior and back to start without lifting your finger.

Inside and outside surfaces have a uniform feel. The surface can look seamless because it flows from facade to ceiling, to floor and interior wall.

The shape of the house is like a cut, open and bent Möbius ribbon twisted into the shape of an 8-piece.

Reinforced with plastic

The house itself is made of wood construction, which is covered by a reinforcing layer of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic).

The structure has the same characteristics as an eggshell; It allows the building to withstand even load.

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Built the garden into the house

The rounded forms of the facade slide into the landscape. Photo: Toshihiro Sobajima

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