Built luxury house under the ground

Built nice design home under the ground.

Built luxury house under the ground

Say luxury homes and most of us think of mansion villas or splendid top apartments, where both exterior, interior and often also the view is what you pay for if you want to live stately and great.

But luxury can come in many forms. So even if most of us do not connect a bunkers with luxury experiences, according to the design and architecture site Fresh Home, maybe this unique bunkers will make you see the case in a new light.

Built into the hill

In the town of Vals in Switzerland lies the now famous Villa Vals, a house that is completely enclosed in the mountainside. The “house”, which was completed a couple of years ago, is almost not visible from the outside at all, which was one of the main gripes of the project. In fact, the only visible of the building from the outside is the central terrace on the front of the house.

The 160m2 bunker residence, located very close to Vals world-famous hot springs, is surrounded by green hills, snowy mountain peaks and idyllic Alpe settlement. Vals is famous for its hot springs, and the famous spa that belongs to these.

– Initially, it was most surprising that building permission was granted as close to the bath itself, explains architect Christian Müller at Christian Müller Architects to Arch Daily Arch Daily.

Built luxury house under the ground

VIEW: Spectacular Alpa view from this property. Photo: Iwan Job

Built luxury house under the ground

UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE: Only this “light hole” testifies to the fact that there is a house underground. Photo: Iwan Job

– When the building permit was in a box, the next question was “how”. Measuring was to create a building that should not shade for a view or stumble into the landscape in any way. In addition, the building should look as small as a private home, “explains Müller about the building, which was a collaborative project between the Dutch architectural firm SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects.

The solution the architects encountered was to put the entire structure into the mountain side.

Nearly invisible in the landscape

Entrance to the apartment is via an already existing barn, located a little lower down the slope. Through a kind of underground tunnel you reach the dwelling, which from the outside looks like a circle carving on the mountain side.

– It is achieved here that the actual presence of this building has a minimal effect on the surrounding landscape, Müller explains.

– The whole house was created through collaboration between local authorities and architects. Combining the ability, experience and techniques that had been built on this deserted mountain village, made something unique.. Very little of the plans were drawn up in advance, this was largely a project that was under way.

Built luxury house under the ground

TRENDY: There is no need for style and comfort in this bunk race. Photo: Iwan Job

Built luxury house under the ground

CHRISTMAS: This small town is famous for its hot springs and spa activities. Photo: Iwan Job

Different Vacation Rental

Built luxury house under the ground

How old do you think this home is?

It was a private client who contacted the architects from SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects to create the unique building. The bunker had the client intended to use as a rental accommodation for holidaymakers who came to the area either to enjoy the ski slopes or the spa associated with the famous hot springs.

The area is largely untouched by mass tourism, “explains Müller.

– But in winter there are many who come to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, sledding and sledding.

Modern interior

There is no need for modern facilities in the Alpe bunkers. At 160 m2, the architects have accommodated six rooms, more bedrooms and guest rooms, entertainment zones, kitchen and dining room that accommodates many and modern bathrooms.

Built luxury house under the ground

LIST: Because almost all of this house is under the ground, it is neither dark nor sore inside. Photo: Iwan Job

Built luxury house under the ground

MODERN: Great details and modern style characterize the interior of Villa Vals. Photo: Iwan Job

– The outside is clad with natural stone to, if possible, slide more unnoticed into the surroundings, explains Müller.

Built luxury house under the ground

This can solve the housing crisis in the cities

– Inside, we have played more with colors and modern details on the interior.

But colors and details must nevertheless address a rather neutral background.

– We have used natural materials on large surfaces like walls and floors, explains the architect.

– Concrete, stone and wood feels all right to use in this home, making you feel and experience a connection between nature and the environment inside and out.

Large windows also make the eye automatically pulled outwards towards the spectacular surroundings surrounding the home.

The architect explains that the interior of the home is a fusion of modern Dutch design and true Swiss design.

– Oak adds heat to the concrete used, and the modern colors of details and interior make the home appear as modern and timely.

The outside exterior leads light into the rooms inside, and the bedrooms, all located on the ground floor below the living room’s main room, can be accessed through different levels that run out of a long corridor that extends into the mountainside.

Built luxury house under the ground

STRAM STYLE: Natural materials like wood and concrete are widely used in the home. Photo: Iwan Job

Built luxury house under the ground

RAW NATURE: The works of SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects did not want to be flashy on the inside of the house to steal from the great view outside. Photo: Iwan Job

In the spirit of 007

Built luxury house under the ground

This apartment is not as big as it looks

The corridor used as an entrance to the bunkers has more than a small sense of being in a James Bond movie. Here you move through the mountain side, in a tunnel illuminated by the skylight window, before you finally reach the bunkers – which feels like it is completely hidden from the outside world.

Here’s nothing left to chance: As a bonus, all the bedrooms are equipped with their own bathrooms, and not least; own scooters for wet sledges and boots.

Smart Heating

And if you are worried that it will be a pleasure to stay in the underground bunkers; relax. The villa has triple insulation in all the glass that is used, and underfloor heating in all rooms. In addition, a recirculation program for heating and ventilation has been installed, and an open fireplace in what is used as main storage room.

– It was a goal to make the house as energy-saving as possible, explains Müller.

Built luxury house under the ground

SENGEPLASS: Villa Vals has sleeps 10-12 people. Photo: Iwan Job

Built luxury house under the ground

TERRACE: From the outside of the bunkers, it is only this terasse that is visible in the landscape. Photo: Iwan Job

– That is why we do not use any fossil fuels in the home.

Built luxury house under the ground

Here there was a ceiling

The nearby water reservoir Zerveila Reservoir produces hydroelectric power that the home uses.

Expensive to live in bunkers

Now everyone can experience how it feels like sleeping in an Alpine mountain range – and on top of everything under the ground. Villa Vals is rented to holidaymakers who wish to live in the area.

Price depends on both season and commencement, but according to the building’s website, it costs more than 6000 Norwegian kroner for a two night stay in low season. However, if you want to live uniquely in the middle of the main season – it’s fast becoming something more expensive to live in bunkers. Then you could expect to pay a total of 2.7 million for a week at Villa Vals.

Close to the bunkers home is Therme Vals, a famous hotel and spa that is considered to be among the world’s finest. Here you can swim in the natural hot springs while enjoying the views of the Alps’s snowy mountain peaks.

Built luxury house under the ground

AWESOME: There are not many who can boast living in a bunkers. Photo: Illustration: SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects

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Built luxury house under the ground

UNDER THE BACK: How this house works. Photo: Illustration: SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects

Built luxury house under the ground

USYNLIG: This building should almost not be visible in the terrain. Photo: Illustration: SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects


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