Built cabins in the apartment

The designer wanted private rooms in the large old factory room. It became an exciting architecture.

Built cabins in the apartment

The original project, called “A Cabin in a Loft”, was designed by Terri Chiao from design agency Katz Chiao. The loft is located in the artistic area of ​​Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, and consists of a 75 square meter apartment with two small cabins.

The special project consists of two small houses built in another building.

– I’ve called The cabin and The treehouse, the designer Terri Chiao tells / Bonytt. – These small houses are sleeping cabins with each “garden plot” in the common area / living room.

Open and intimate

The apartment is an old room from a textile factory with large windows and brick walls. The goal of the designer was to keep the open and airy feel of the factory, while creating private rooms.

In order to do that, I had to build small houses inside the house, he explains. It provides air and light throughout the open room, while the smaller rooms are intimate and cozy for relaxing, reading, sleeping and dressing.

The result is the feeling of living in a small community of two houses. The windows in the bedrooms provide light, air and views to the rest of the apartment which again overlooks Brooklyn.

Built cabins in the apartment

LOFTSHYTTA: Loftshytta, which can be rented for short term stays, is made of logs and plywood, Photo: Shawn Connell

Built cabins in the apartment

TREEHOUSE: The second cabin in the apartment has both office and storage space below. This is where the designer lives. Photo: Shawn Connell

Built cabins in the apartment

PLANNING Photo: Shawn Connell

Built cabins in the apartment

PLANNING Photo: Shawn Connell

Mini-Cab for Rent

The loft cabin, one of the two small houses, has more features for Terri Chiao.

– I live and work there, says Chiao. Today, the cabin also serves as a one-bedroom bed and breakfast for travelers from all over the world. I therefore rent out in a short period of time, which is a good alternative to those who want a local experience and something other than the expensive hotels in the city. It will also provide a more personal stay and a richer experience given the contact you get with the place you visit.

– It can also be rented out for private events, he continues.

The cabin, or “loft cabin”, which is rented, runs from the studio / design office to Chiao. By renting the room, he supports his work as an artist, architect and designer.

Materials in the minivans

Built cabins in the apartment

WORKBORD: In the open landscape there is a long dining table that is used for both work and food. Photo: Shawn Connell

Built cabins in the apartment

INDEX AND UTE: Green plants and a lot of light give a feeling of being outdoors when staying in the common area. Photo: Shawn Connell

Built cabins in the apartment

VOICE: The designer has his office under one small house, while the kitchen is in the open landscape. Photo: Shawn Connell

-The whole structure of the small cabins consists of logs and plywood, while the floor in “The cabin” is pine. I think wood is warm and comfortable, and therefore chose to have it as a main material. Combined with the big windows, it gives me a fun feeling of living and working a little outdoors, in the midst of Brooklyn, the designer finishes.

Built cabins in the apartment

Now, the cool mini-cabins come

Under the treehouse, which is raised above the floor, the designer has placed an office and storage space. The cabin, on the other hand, has storage room integrated into the raised floor. The open landscape around the two small houses consists of a living area, a kitchen and a large table for both dining and work.

The houses were built with joint efforts by several friends and neighbors during the summer of 2009.

Found through Ideas to Steal

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Built cabins in the apartment

BEDROOMS: How the designer lives Terri Chiao Photo: Shawn Connell

Built cabins in the apartment

CLOTHING: The alternative wardrobe hangs in the open common room. Photo: Shawn Connell

Built cabins in the apartment

RENTAL: The bedroom in The cabin is simple and spartan decorated. This room can be rented in a short period of time. Photo: Shawn Connell

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