Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

Making the ruins of a hundred hundred years old barns home was just a fun challenge for this architect.

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

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Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

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Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

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There are many successful architectural examples of how to build new ones. And certainly a part that is not quite so successful. In keeping with the trend of taking care of old things, many are also inspired to think about and take care of instead of tearing up and building new ones as far as their homes are concerned.

According to the design and architecture site Freshome, this magnificent barn, which is believed to originate from the mid-1400s, was spectacularly converted into a modern and comfortable family home. The state-of-the-art home, believed to be its 14th-century barn, is located on the island of Guernsey, midway between England and the coast of France in the English Channel. The island is the neighbor’s island of the more famous Jersey, and only has around 67. 000 permanent residents.

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

MOVED HOME: The architect wanted many years in London to move home to the island of Guernsey. A barn from the 1400s was converted to the dream home. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio

Luxury with history

When architect Jamie Falla and his wife Lynn Graham decided to move home to the island of Guernsey after many years in London, the choice of the family’s new home, to shock for many, fell on a 600 year old stone barn. Or rather, what was left of it.

After a few rounds of local construction agencies, they were ready to tackle the extensive project, along with Jamie’s architects in MOOARC, an architecture based in London, but now also having offices in Guernsey.

The architect explains how the extensive project went to Homebuilding magazine, telling about the road from ruin to modern housing, which today measures 240 square meters and is home to the family of five.

– I wanted to approach this project in a professional manner, as if it belonged to any client and did not get emotionally involved, explains Jamie to the Homebuilding magazine.

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

OLD AND NEW: A smart walkway in glass binds the old barn and the new building together. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio

– We sat around the table and discussed the whole thing as a team.

It was important for all parties to recycle and reuse as much of the original materials as possible. Furthermore, glass plays a central role in all rooms and zones, and helps to link the original barn and the new building of the house.

– Having the luxury of both sunlight and moonlight was something that was important to us all the way from the process of planning the building started, explains Falla.

From ruin to home

The central room of the accommodation is in what was once the original barn. This room has a double ceilings and an inserted messanine, which is connected to the newer buildings of the house using a glass bridge. The messanine is home to a living room, which the couple defines as its “adult room”.

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

GLASS FLOOR: 32 mm thick glass is used to make the floor in the glass bridge connecting the new and old part of the house. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

GLASS CLASS: Glass plays a central role in the house, which was important for the architect who wanted a home where the surrounding nature and the outside elements should be visible from within. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio

On the east side of the barn lies a new one-storey extension. Here you have installed skylights in the flat roof to maximize daylight and space feeling. This room is used as a playroom for the couple’s three children, but can also be used as a guest room when needed, as a hidden bed has been put in one wall.

The pavement wing is located on the back of the house and is accessible through a two-story glass corridor. Here is the children’s room on the first floor while the parents’ bedrooms have been accommodated on the second floor, together with an attached bathroom.

The glass box linking the buildings was an important detail both architecturally and also to take advantage of the spectacular surroundings surrounding the old barn.

“Moving through the glass box is fun for adults and children,” explains Falla to Homebuilding magazine..

– Especially on days when it rains and is really noisy or it’s snowy. You get very in one with the surroundings.

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

DUBBEL HEIGHT: In the dining room the light flows in and the ceilings of the ceilings get to their fullest. In the exhibition hall above, the architects have created an “adult room”. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

NATURAL: It was important for architects to reuse as much of the old barn as possible. Most of the stone used is taken directly from the original building of the house. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio

The buildings that accommodate bedrooms, playrooms and offices are linked to the main building, located in the original barn, through the glass corridors. This makes the barn itself air and allowed to breathe.


The residence’s living zone, consisting mainly of kitchen and dining room, with the living room above, is open and allows the family to be together even if they are doing different things.

The kitchen decor is from Poggenpohl, and has a tight and almost industrial feel. Large industrial light bulbs provide ample lighting in the big room.

From the dining room you can enjoy the view to the garden, and the room has a special feeling of being midway between the windows thanks to the big windows.

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

PRACTICAL: The parts of the house are linked by a corridor in glass. From this there is a view to the garden around the old barn. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio

The couple reused as much of the original materials as possible. Where granite was taken out to make windows or doorways, did they manage to use the stone somewhere else in the home.

Function and form

A simple tight style characterizes the home of Guernsey.

– It’s by no means a house filled with ornaments and objects, Jamie explains about the barn he’s now calling home.

– When we visit here we explain to everyone that the rooms here were designed to be functional and that the decor also shows that we did not have a lot of money when we stood in the middle of the project.

It is undoubtedly the extensive use of glass that makes the barn have a modern and luxurious feel and also provides an exciting interaction between new and old.

Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

LIGHT AND HEAT: Daylight flows into the kitchen and dining room, which is the most widely used room in the house. The ceiling in the roof was initially laid to save money, but has now become a favorite detail that adds warmth and lust to the big room. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio

– The use of glass alongside the barn’s original stone fa├žade gives the entire residence an array of luxury and originality that puts it in a unique perspective, the architects explain to the Freshome website.

– The way you can quickly move between new and old, inside and out; All of these things are what we are most pleased with when it comes to the house, explains architect Falla.

The family lived in a rented residential area while the construction project was in progress, and although it was planned that it would take half a year to complete the house, the construction time extended for nine long months before the family could move into its new home.

– We did not expect it to take so long to get all the materials, “explains Jamie to Homebuilding magazine..

– It’s so limited what’s on the island here, so much had to be ordered and ended up sitting in the customs every week.

One of the biggest challenges for the architects was to make sure that new and old materials were both working and looking good together.

We were amazed again and again how great modern technology and industrial details were put together with an old farm building, the contrasts really played against each other, ending the satisfied homeowner.

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Built 600 years old barn in luxury home

LANGBORD: All details in the old barn are designed to be practical and functional. Photo: MOOARC architectural studio


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