Build the roof terrace yourself

Covered terrace. How to build a roof over the terrace yourself. You can have glass roof over the terrace or wooden roof over the terrace. Roof over the veranda you easily fix yourself.

Build the roof terrace yourself

You can build such a roof as a free-standing construction, or you can tie it with the cabin. If you have already built a wooden terrace, a roof is a natural construction stage number two.

Take care of heavy snow on the patio roof

First and foremost, it’s important that you do not save the dimensions.

This is a construction that can be exposed to heavy loads, and then we talk about snow.

In this description we have based on a snow load of 250 kg per. m², although the snow will normally slide off with smooth plastic sheets, at least at steeper slopes than 18 degrees. Is the snow load more than 250 kg per. m², dimensions on the roof must be increased.

This does not apply to bars and barges that are solid enough.

Build the roof terrace yourself

THE FUNDAMENT: Read the section below carefully for a safer thank you. Photo: ILLUSTRASJONER: Øyvind Lie

Decoration of the roof terrace

With solid foundation, you avoid the construction becoming skewed and unstable. If you do not specifically investigate, you should assume that the reason is fax-free. In particular, it is important to do a proper job here if you are going to tie the construction to the cabin itself.

There are basically two principles that ensure telephony foundation. It is either to dig the foundations down to frost-free depth, or to use basic foundation with ground insulation.

SPERRENE is added with approx. 60 cm distance. They should have a dimension of 48 x 98 mm at a span of about 2 m, 48 x 123 mm for 2.5 m, 48 x 148 mm for 3 m and 48 x 173 mm for spans over 3.5 m. Say them so that the front end becomes vertical. Also, cut small chop in the locks so that they fit the tops of the front and back. The locks are fastened with jaws to the top or with buckles, if it is weatherproof.

DRAGERS or the beams must be adjusted to the distance between the posts. Up to 2.5 m it is sufficient 48 x 198 mm. If the span is more than 2.5 m, you spike 2 pieces together. 48 x 148 mm. Is excited more than 3 m, you spice together 2 pieces. 48 x 173 mm.

STOLPS should be at least 98 x 98 mm. If you want to avoid cracks, as you usually get in coarse materials, you can nail 2 pieces. 48 x 98 mm. Then it’s easy to make a stand for the support beam by letting one of the posts be a bit shorter than the other. You can optionally create double bars, such as 2 pcs. 48 x 148 mm attached to each side of the support beam. A slim under the dragon, at the bottom and center of the post, makes the post rigid and binds it all together.

WIND SCIENCE , here 19 x 13 mm, add double, so that the deck table is lying just above the plates, but first plan the top edge to match the roof angle. This makes it rainy and the front cover can easily be fitted to the side table.

LEFT : Use strong barges, such as 36/48 x 48 mm, 60 cm spaced. The leakage distance may vary slightly for the different materials, check with the supplier. In windy places, barges, locks and top wings should be anchored with fittings.

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Build the roof terrace yourself

BORDTAK: This is a roof where impregnated tables are used. Photo: Manufacturers

Build the roof terrace yourself

THANKS OF TERRACE: Here are different types of roofs that you can build over the terrace. PHOTO: Manufacturer.

Wooden roof over terrace

Table tops are delivered in lengths 3 – 6.3 meters. They are planed on four sides with a special profile that allows the upper and lower girder to get 30 mm overlap with a built-in drainage duct. Price: from NOK 340 per. square meter.

Treshing is produced in different profiles and sizes.

Everyone agrees that they are wedge shaped from about. 0.5 cm to 2.5 cm thick. The width is 11 cm, the length is 35-6 0 cm. Treshingel can be laid with different patterns and profiles. Previously, this roofing method was mainly used on roofs, and it was called both tile roof and spontak.

Today, most people connect sponges and chips with something completely different, and treshingel is therefore a more explanatory name for these traditional roofs.

Price Standard Rectangular Woodcut: kr 744 per. square meter, Eilo wood

Table top: This is a roof where impregnated tables are used. Here, other impregnation methods are also used, in addition to nuclear weapons.

Treshingel 1: Here each spoon has rectangular shape.

Treshingel 2: Here each spoon has a pointed shape.

Treshingel 3: Here each spoon has slanted ending (Rena cut).

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Plastic roof over the terrace

Plastic mosaic tiles are used on the terrace above the outside area and other coverings without insulation requirements. On closed solutions, such as outdoor saunas, the risk of condensation increases. Then you can consider thermotacles.

Price change plates: kr 643 per. m²

Build the roof terrace yourself

PLASTICS: They are snapped together without boreholes and screws. Photo: Manufacturers

Price thermo 16 mm: kr 588-643 per. m²

Fastlock Uni is a one-piece plastic roof from Icopal.

The boards can bend if you wish. They are snapped together without boreholes and screws. Installation on the toys can be done with visible or hidden mounting. The plates are made of polycarbonate, a material with good cold resistance, long degradation time and high impact strength. You can choose between white and clear and the utility width is 20 cm. Available in lengths from 3.5 meters to 6 meters.

Price: approx. NOK 333 per. square meter.

Build the roof terrace yourself

METAL TAKES: Aluminum weighs only half of steel. Photo: Manufacturer.

Metal roof over terrace

Painted roofing panels are available in aluminum and steel. The advantage of aluminum is that they weigh only half of steel. The plates are found in a multitude of color variations, and in matte and shiny editions.

Price: approx. NOK 90 per. square meter.


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