Build the greenhouse of old windows

In the greenhouse, the vegetables flourish far beyond autumn. Build yourself from old windows or snuggle the greenhouse of wood and glass.

Build the greenhouse of old windows

Build the greenhouse of old windows

Photo: Frode Larsen

Old window greenhouses

Page windows, which are approx. 150 x 60 cm, was the starting point for this greenhouse. A turf was built in white paint, impregnated wood, essentially of 7 x 3 cm stoneworkers. The travel agency was attached to the wall at the back with expansion screws.

It was reinforced in the corners of the sloping roof. The glass roof is made of old windows. The rooftop rooftop is made with scaffolding. The floor is made of impregnated decking. It can also be molded with heating cables.

The windows are screwed, these are simple, but with double it is better insulated. The windows for the sliding doors are specially ordered by Rival, and the glasses are specially cut by glass master.

Seed and other online equipment


Should you build a greenhouse, make sure that it is wide enough to accommodate garden equipment and a stool.

Remember big doors

The height must be at least 140 cm, allowing tomato plants to extend.

The door should be wide so you can easily get in gear – if the greenhouse is small, it is especially convenient to have ample space in the opening.

Set up shelves for pimples early in the spring.

The shelves should be easily hooked. If you make shelf shelves, they can later be used as a climbing frame for the plants.

Different heating modes

Ideal temperature for greenhouse plants is 25 degrees during daytime and 15 degrees at night. There are technical aids that make it possible to achieve this in cold stores.

Temperature leveling can be achieved by placing some dark barrels of water in the greenhouse. The solar energy will heat the water a day and the heat is released when the room becomes colder.

The greenhouse can, for example, be heated with heating cables, wood burning stove, oil stove, blast furnace or insulated with straw bales during cold periods.

You can use automatic irrigation system or water manually. Remember that large tomato plants may need more liters of water a day.

Place the greenhouse so it’s convenient to get to. It’s just nice with a shadow in the middle of the day, avoiding too high temperatures. Should you use the greenhouse in winter, the end wall should be set east-west.

More than tomato

Tomatoes and cucumbers are the most grown. But you can also grow eggplant, melon, salad and grapes without the need for expensive and heated greenhouses.

Suitable horseradish varieties are cucumber, tomato, peppers, eggplant, melon, spinach, salad, broccoli, cauliflower, endivie, carrot, china cabbage, cabbage and radish.

South fruit thrives well in the greenhouse, but they take a lot of space and can shade for the other plants.

Home-grown apricot, peach, figs, kiwi, almond, nectarine and grapes are a little extra stash to serve. If you wake flowers in a greenhouse, you’ll get a flower dress early in the spring.

Fresia, roses, cornflowers, amaryllis, lilies, crocus and pelargonia are among the many flowers that can grow up in the greenhouse.

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